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Please enjoy meal meal cuisine using Furano production ingredients.

You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine using Furano's ingredients including "Kamifurano Pork" of Kamifurano Town special products.
We serve dishes adhering to seasonal ingredients.
Please enjoy.

Support restaurant, banquet, lunch and a wide range of foods

Variety of cuisine at restaurant "Take"
You can enjoy 'Tofu Pork Curry' which is becoming gourmet here and various banquet cuisine.
  • Lunch menu

    Expand various dishes using Kamifurano Pork
    Other set meal dishes expanded!
    【Menu details】
    ·Kamifura's sweet pork curry, 900 yen
    ·Kamifurano Pork cutlet curry, 1280 yen
    ·One coin curry, 500 yen
    ·Kamifurano Pork cutlet of Kamifurano Pork, 1000 yen
    ·Yakiniku set meal of Kamifurano Pork, 1000 yen
    ·Kamifurano Pork bowl, 800 yen
    ·Zan Gui set menu, 1,000 yen
    ·ramen(Soy sauce·salt)800 yen
    ·Miso Ramen, 900 yen
    ·Ksappokoba or Udon noodles, ¥ 650
    ·Zaru soba or Urone udon, 650 yen※topping, Wild plants+100 yen, Raw egg+80 yen

    【Opening Hours】
    11:00 to 15:00(LO.14: 30)
    • Kamifura's Tofura Pork Curry

      Recommended for lunch!

      Please enjoy the gourmet from Kamifurano after entering the hot springs!
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Dinner menu

    We offer fresh dishes of various local produce such as pottery grilling using Kamifurano Pork.
    Please enjoy kaiseki cuisine with seafood including sashimi.

    【Meal example】
    ·Small bowls, octopus and sprouts (radish)
    ·Hors d'oeuvres, duck smoked and homemade pickles
    ·sashimi, Tuna, Izumi Taini, Sweet shrimp, Octopus
    ·Fried food, tempura(seafood, kiss, pumpkin, Shishito)
    ·Simmered dishes, Simmered chicken with tomato sauce
    ·Main, Scented pork shoulder loin, Appointment, Eggplant Broccoli
    ·Meals, White rice, Pickled Vegetables
    ·Arrest, Miso soup

    ※It is only an example.
    There is a possibility to change according to purchase situation etc.
  • Banquet menu

    Various banquet dishes using local cuisine are also available.
    Please spend a pleasant time with everyone.
    Please contact us in advance!

    【course example】
    ·2500 yen course
    ·3000 yen course
    ·4000 yen course
    ·4500 yen course
    ※All day trip hot spring charge included.
    Please bring towels / bath towels

    If you want to drink all you can, + 1500 yen (bottle of beer, shochu, sake, soft drink etc.), + 2500 yen (the above-mentioned bottled beer will be draft beer)

Food from Kamifurano

  • Kamifurano Pork

  • Furano Wagyu Beef

  • Momotaki Aspara (April to May)

  • Kudo san melon, (from July, August)

    Using a local farmer's melon
    Enjoy your local melon specialized in sweetness
  • Shikama tomato, (, June to October)

  • Yuza's bell pepper (, from June to October)

  • Mr. Shikama's spinach (from June, October)

  • Strawberries (mid-December to mid-June)