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Japanese seafood splendid plan that can be done because it is a fish market brokerage

We are a hotel directly managed by fish shops and liquor stores! We offer a wide variety of seasonal dishes using fresh fish directly from the Sea of Japan.
Currently, a large fishing festival is being held for many wild plants, congers, and local fish from the Sea of Japan.
  • Fully Enjoy Seafood from Sea of Japan Plan

    We would like you to fully enjoy the seasonal local fish and crabs of the Sea of Japan.
    Sea bream / crab / sweet shrimp / flatfish / Japanese amberjack / conger eel / willow flounder / angler / Spanish mackerel / tuna / marlin / squid / octopus / others; the Sea of Japan is a treasure trove of delicious fish.
    Contents change every season.
  • Goosefish Hot Pot

  • An example of breakfast with local fish sashimi from the Sea of Japan

  • Restaurant "Setsugetsuka" / Lounge

    Enjoy a variety of seasonal flavors in a quiet landscape and space.