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  • Recommended! Sights around Kagawa Prefecture ①

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    • New Reoma World

      The biggest theme park in Shikoku, New Reoma World.
      Also includes amusement parks equipped with attractions such as large Ferris wheel, pleasure boat and roller coaster, Oriental trip reproducing the ruins of Asia etc, restaurants that can enjoy Sanuki wine and beer brewery as well.
  • Recommended! Sightseeing spots around Kagawa prefecture ②

    • Kuribayashi Park

      About 370 years ago, the lord of Takamatsu lord · Ikoma Takashi Koko started building a bachelor house, and the Takamatsu clan was built by generations for generations, Ritsurin Park.
      The koi is swimming elegantly in the pond which is divided into the Migaku Daimyo garden "south garden" and "moderately modernistic" northern garden ", which is familiar with the" Tako bridge "nicknamed the Shogetsu bridge.
    • Seto Ohashi

      Between the island and Sakaide is the South Bisan Seto Ohashi Seto Ohashi with a total length of 1,611 m, the North Bisan Seto Ohashi and 1,723 m in total length.
      The south bisan Seto Ohashi bridge is the world's longest bridge as a combined railroad and road, the height of the main tower is 194 m, the height of the bridge girder is 65 m from the sea level, and the large tanker easily passes through it.
  • Recommended! Sights around Kagawa Prefecture ③

    • Kanpiraku

      Kompira - san Shrine, familiar as "Sanuki no Konpira", is famous as the god of the sea.
      If you climb the long stone steps of 785 steps, main shrine welcomes you as if you exhausted the tiredness so far.
      There is no time for people to disappear in familiar Kompira - san Shrine, which is familiar to the common people all over the country today.
    • zentsuji Temple

      Shingon sect zentsuji Temple faction principal mountain famous as the place of birth of Kobo Daishi, Shikoku Bunkyo No. 75 Buddhist temple.
      It consists of Higashiin and Saika, in the east there are Kinto, five-storied pagoda and bell tower, and in the west the pillars centering on the Mikado (where Daishi was born) line up.
      National Treasures such as "One by one Buddhist Lawyer's Lawyer Practice" are stored in the western treasure hall.
  • Udon store guide

    After all Sanuki udon
    • Guide Udon ya around SAKAIDE PLAZA HOTEL

    • 1, Ieyasu

      The special sauce "Vase Udon" is an original Ieyasu menu that your husband studied and matured for more than half a year for more than 15 years.

      【Opening Hours】11:00 to 20:00
      【Regular holiday】Every Friday
    • 2, Ikiiki Udon

      It is a shop of self udon.Regarding the side menu of udon, there is no shop appearing to the right of this store.

      【Opening Hours】5:00 to 20:00
      【Regular holiday】No holiday (New Year's only)
      【Parking】50 units

    • 3, Gamo Udon

      Old-fashioned shop arrangements and rich country scenery are impressive.Please eat udon outside in the season when rice earns head.

      【Opening Hours】9: 00-17: 00(Upon completion of noodles)
      【Regular holiday】every Sunday, On the third Monday
      【Parking】23 units
    • Four, Hikoe Noodle Making Factory

      It is a vibrant udon shop that local aunts are doing.Even if you have a map you can not go without hesitation It is a shop in a well place.Let's eat Tempse Luo whenever there is.

      【Opening Hours】8: 30 to 17: 00
           (Sunday and holidays ~ 13: 00)
      【Regular holiday】1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday
      【Parking】10 cars
    • Five, Tamura Udon

      It is an old-fashioned rustic noodle shop using plenty of wheat abundantly.Udon (small) costs 100 yen! Let's order to my aunt, and make payment an uncle.

      【Opening Hours】9: 30-13: 00
      【Regular holiday】every Sunday
      【Parking】30 units
    • 6, Okaisen

      It was originally located in front Sakaide StationPlease eat the famous "cold weather grass" or "bukkake grated buckwheat".

      【Opening Hours】11:00 to 20:30(Upon completion of noodles)
      【Regular holiday】every Monday(In the case of a holiday the next day)
      【Parking】41 units

    • 7, Hinode Seimenjo

      It is the noodle shop with the shortest opening hours in the prefecture, which is only one hour at noon.This is also a passion I want you to eat freshly made fish.

      【Opening Hours】11: 30-12: 30(Upon completion of noodles)
      【Regular holiday】Irregular holiday
      【Parking】8 units
    • 8, Nakamura Udon

      The ultimate self-store that cuts green onions yourself, which became too famous.Recently I do not have to go on pickling green onions.

      【Opening Hours】9: 00-14: 00(Upon completion of noodles)
      【Regular holiday】1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday
      【Parking】20 cars
    • 9 Ming

      It is a hidden famous store behind the harbor.It is simple making only of counter, but noodles are exquisite.

      【Opening Hours】11:00 to 15:00
      【Regular holiday】every Monday

      ●There are many other big shops in Sanuki Udon.
       It's fun to go around some of us and eat!