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Overnight Stay Plan

Various plan tailored to the purpose of the trip, coloring the journey that remains in the heart

In line with the needs of customers, we have offered various benefits plan.Please use for business and sightseeing.
  • "When you get lost!"Tosa no Takumi not only with bonito's Tataki "Meat Kaiseki cuisine"plan

    【Plan Details】

    □■--- Dinner ---□■
    Dinner: Restaurant / Kaiseki Cuisine

    - Occasion(An example)-
    aperitif, Yuzu sake
    Ahead, Whale bacon, Vinegar
    Appetizer, Seasonal appetizer
    Juri, And hammock
    Pan pot, Tosa's quarrel battle hot pot
    Vapor, PheasaContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 14,000
  • ≪Jalan Exclusive≫【10 meals a day only】~Tosa Wagyu Teppanyaki plan~, Early check-in benefit

    【Plan Details】

    Tosa Wagyu's meat quality is fine, "mellow flavor" when added with heat!
    Please enjoy it together with locust vegetables with Katsuo-no-tataki famous Kochi.

    ◇menu(An example)
    First / simmered dish / Tosa Wagyu sirloin steak TeppContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 16,500