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It is approximately an hour and a half from Nagasaki city by car.Seiunso located in a national park with an altitude of about 700 m.Please, take care and please go out.

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Unzen Kojigoku Onsen, Open-air bath with milky white sprinkle for beautiful skin, Seiunso


500-1 Unzen, Obama Town, Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture

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About 50 minutes from Nagasaki Expressway, Isahaya IC to National Route 34 and Route 57 Unzen

Pick-up presence (condition)
Unzen Bus Terminal will pick you up at Unzen Bus Terminal and Unzen Jigoku, Golf Course, Tennis Court, The Beadro Museum, Toy Museum and each climbing road climb up into Unzen.Please feel free to ask.
  • Kokumin Shukusha Seiunso is in Japan's oldest national park, Nagasaki Prefecture · Unzen.

    From Nagasaki city to the east is approximately 38km in straight line distance, from Nagasaki Airport to southeast is also located at approximately 38km in straight line distance.
    It is located in an altitude of about 700 m above sea level, which is relatively cool in the summer and snowing in the winter.
    The annual average temperature is almost the same as Sapporo City.

    Please, please come with usual clothing plus 1 jacket etc when you come.
  • Guests arriving by car

    If you have a car navigation system please do a telephone number search.

  • By airplane

    Rental cars are recommended from the airport.The journey time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    For information on rent-a-car from Nagasaki Airport, please click here.

    If you use the bus, it will be a transfer on the route bus and will change at Isahaya.Please note that there is no direct bus For Unzen.
    For bus time etc., please ask the bus company.

    ·Nagasaki Airport ⇔ Isahaya, Nagasaki Prefectural Bus
    ·Isahaya Unzen, Shimatetsu Bus

    There is also a bus of Seiunso bound, but to most of Unzen stop.
    Until Unzen stop is, because the staff of the Seiunso will pick you up, please feel free to ordering.
  • Customers coming by train

  • Guests arriving by bus

  • Guests coming by ferry