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  • Dinner menu, "Nagasaki Wagyu Beef and Seasonal Association Seating"

    Summer menu
    small bowl: Yuba tofu
    Appetizer: Shiwakasayaki
    Juri: Three kinds
    Plate of vinegared things: Mozuku vinegar
    Cold bowl: Summer vegetables cooked together
    Fried food: tempura (pumpkin, Asparagus, kiss)
    Things on board: Nagasaki Wagyu Tenderloin
    Steamed food: Chilled tea steamed steamed rice
    soup: Moth, Somen
    rice  : Shimabara Peninsula Rice
    Fragrance  : Two kinds
    Dessert : Kazara
    12 items in total
    The content may change depending on the season.
  • Dinner menu, "Seasonal Fish and Seafood Meeting Seats"

    Summer menu
    small bowl, : Yuba tofu
    Appetizer, : Shiwakasayaki
    Juri, : Three kinds
    Pan pot, : Udon Nuki
    Cold bowl, : Summer vegetables cooked together
    A western plate, : Lobster thermidor
    Fried food, : tempura (pumpkin·Asparagus·kiss)
    Steamed food, : Chilled tea steamed steamed rice
    soup, : Moth, Somen
    rice, : Shimabara Peninsula Rice
    Fragrance, : Two kinds
    12 items in total
    The content may change depending on the season.
  • Dinner menu, "Shichii Gozen"

    Summer menu
    Pre-posted: Yuba tofu
    Juri: Three kinds
    A western plate: roast beef
    Cold bowl: Summer vegetables cooked together
    Pan pot: Udon Nuki
    Replacement bowl: Fried eggplant with rice
    soup: Moth, Somen
    rice: Shimabara Peninsula Rice
    Fragrance: Two kinds
    Dessert : Kazara
    All 10 items
    The content may change depending on the season.
  • We have a selection of selected sake selected throughout Japan.

  • Breakfast, An example of a menu

    Local breakfast, sticking to handmade breakfast. Full of rice accompaniment!
    There is baked bread of the morning of the day.
    We will change every day so that we can enjoy it for customers of continuous stay.
    Look forward to what comes out!

Behind the taste

Or meal of Seiunso Why delicious? I will introduce the reverse side.

Handmade by Japanese and Western chefs
Chefs of Japanese cuisine and Western cuisine are making hearts with the chief chef as the lead.
  • [Chief Chef]

    With the motto of local production and disappearance, mountain seafood born with the rich climate of Shimabara Peninsula,
    We will carefully make a dish one article carefully.
    I think that you can use the various seasonal ingredients every season and feel the change of the season in the dish.

    It is a healing space surrounded by nature, healing mind and body with natural hot springs and colorful dishes,
    Please enjoy the moment of bliss.
  • [Japanese chef]

    We will hospitality everyone with various dishes every season.
  • [Western chef]

    Meat offered in the Wagyu plan uses roast meat ranked Nagasaki Wagyu A4,
    Please eat fun once it is very soft and tasty meat.

    I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart.