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Hot Springs

  • Open Air Bath

    ■Reason why the hotel is highly rated, I would like to enter an outdoor bath

    6 am - 9 pm
    Day trip guests are from 10:30 am to 6 pm

    ■Every season, I feel comfortable

    The outdoor bath was made using slopes on the south side of the main building.It is in a floating place when looking from the outside.Bathing in the sunlight, there are trees right in front of you, you will hear the sound of babbling.Even though it is Kyushu, there are sometimes snow in winter so you may be able to enjoy Yukimi Onsen if it is early in the morning.

    ■The resting place in the forest feels good

    The resting place is a mountain hut style in the forest with glass.I was also passionate about the comfort of the bath.

  • Inner bath

    It enters when it wants to be attached to hot water, it is the Seiunso-style.
    With a high ceiling and a large bathtub overflowing with the desire to extend limbs,
    Please enjoy the hot springs.

    ■24 hours, fully

    Except for two hours from 8:30 am to 10:30 am, the inner bath is open all day.
    Whenever you want to get on hot springs, please come at any time.

    ■In a variety of ways to do it

    It is good to get in a large bathtub where you can extend your hands and feet adequately, in a sitting posture, and it is good to go to a hot water in a lying place.There is also a hammered water.

  • Private bathing private bath

    【Opening Hours】
    11 am - 10 p.m. (One-day hot springs are available at 5pm.)

    1 room(50 minutes), 1,500 yen (tax included)

    ※In the case of a day trip, 700 yen (including tax) for a day hot spring will be added to the above rate.
  • Kojigoku Onsen-kan

    Hot Spring enthusiasts will be a half price for the residents of the Kojigoku Onsen-kan

    There in the place where rose on from Seiunso entrance for about 5 minutes is the Kojigoku Onsen-kan
    History is old, it is derived from having been opened as a spa resort place in 1731, Kyoho, it is said that Yoshida Shoin visited once.
    After that, it opened as a public bathhouse in Taisho in 1998, and it became the present shape in 1993.
    The surroundings leave a side view as a hot spring sanatorium, and the wooden building exudes a secret feeling.
    Because it is directly under the source, fresh hot springs just poured out are poured as they are.
    Please enjoy the atmosphere of the hot springs which is different from the Seiunso Main Building.

     It is also possible to deliver a boxed lunch if you can order at reception at lunch time.
    Hot spring bath hours
    9 am - 9 pm ※From November to the end of February until 8pm
    Usage fee
    Adult ¥ 460, Child ¥ 230, (Free for children under 3 years old)


Hot Springs

Unzen Kojigoku Onsen(Natural hot spring 100%) Hot Spring Baskdown ※It does not include artificial hot springs

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including time change) · Charges are not allowed)

Private Bath


Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 0 Female: 0 Mixed Bath: 0

Bath Terms of Use

Private bath is 1,500 yen for 50 minutes per room (11:00 to 22:00)
Public bathing hours from 10:30 until the next morning at 8:30
Open-air bath usage hours 6:00 to 21:00

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.