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I found the good point!

  • People I know, good Kokumin Shukusha,
    Hot springs, meals, and Unzen, accommodation that gives priority to enjoyment,
    That is Seiunso.
  • What kind of image is "Kokumin Shukusha"?

    The "Kokumin Shukusha" was built as a lodging place that you can use easily, in order to promote health while enjoying leisure by anyone in a rest area excellent in the natural environment such as national parks and national recreation hot spring areas.
    According to its own Seiunso went (nationwide 1077 people answer), but who knows about the Kokumin Shukusha was about 40% of the total, is more about half of them, of Seiunso hot spring It was found that I was fascinated by the fountain quality, source sprinkling, and rich natural location.
    While it is an affordable accommodation for everyone at an affordable price, it is a characteristic of the "Kokumin Shukusha" that it has the passion to entertain customers as well as general inns and hotels.
  • We Seiunso, in addition to the advantages of doing so was Kokumin Shukusha, and the only source over a period of flowing hot springs in Unzen, provides plenty of delicious meals with seafood, riches of the soil of local, seasonal, people in the know just "Totteoki Place "of our company.
  • "Knowing people" is also manifested in the number of repeaters.

    Generally speaking, those who like hot springs who adhere to fountain quality and the like prefer to travel around various spa areas. However, Seiunso is 80% of our customers are repeat! And everyone praises the hot springs.
    Unzen the concept of eliminating unnecessary decorations and other wastefully and giving top priority to hot springs, meals, and seasonal enjoyment of various Unzen charms, we say to our customers "You caught yourself!" We are aiming for you.