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Facility information

Restaurant Amaryllis

  • Beside the inner bath, there is Restaurant Amaryllis.
    There is space of small cushion and chair space, and you can take a day off when you take a bath.
    This place where sake and snacks are also possible, if you look closely it is a bottle keep!
    That's right, Seiunso is a proof that there are many repeaters.
  • Restaurant Amaryllis
  • Shochu is prepared in addition to the original "Seiunso" of Seiunso.
  • We also sell draft beer!
    The cup full of bath is the best.
  • A famous oden. After you feel relaxed and relaxing at the hot springs, the older oden is also exceptional.
    We have beer and drink, as well as ice cream and shaved ice in the summer!

Seiunso, shop

  • Shops have confectionery and local sake inside Shimabara Peninsula.

    Opening Hours, AM, 8:00, ~, PM, 8:00
  • Seiunso original shochu "Small Hell", which can only be purchased at the shop of Oeunso, is also popular!

Game corner

  • We have a game corner.
  • Besides crane games, slots and scissors games are also available.

Banquet Hall

  • Day banquet plan, is a banquet hall available in the room banquet plan

    There are six venues for small and Medium Banquet Hall.
  • Miyamakirishima

    Capacity, 30 people, ~, 50 people

    Remarks, with stage, available as meeting room, karaoke ready
  • Yamaboshi, Sazanka, Rindo

    Capacity, ~, 20 people

    Remarks, karaoke available, available as meeting room
  • hydrangea

    Capacity, ~, 28 people

    Remarks, karaoke ready, available as meeting room
  • Kakitsubata

    Capacity, ~, 15 people

    Notes, Can prepare karaoke
  • Edelweiss

    Capacity, 70 to 180 people

    Remarks, dinner, used as a breakfast venue
        Karaoke can be prepared, when there are people in groups There are times when you divide it in half

Seiunso multi-purpose square

  • About 5 minutes from Seiunso car

    Seiunso ground parking is available to ground golf and Gedoboru.

    Since there are two grounds, it is possible to correspond to the number of people to a certain extent.

Tennis court

  • All five omni coats that can also be used for training club activities

    There from Seiunso to about a quarter of Kakitsubata park.

    Time is AM 8: 00, ~, PM, 6: 00, (From November to March, PM 5: 00)

    27 car parks, Fully equipped changing rooms

    Rental of racket balls is available (chargeable)
        One set of rackets and four sets of balls \ 200

    Charge, 1 coat 1 hour, ¥ 1,000, (April - October)
               ¥ 800(November - March)

               ¥ 600(Student camp)

    ※There is a discount for those staying in Unzen Onsen Town.

    Please contact Seiunso case of use is.

    ☎, 0957-73-3273


  • Up to 200 cars can be parked

    Up to 200 parking lots can be parked in all five parking spaces

    There is also a large and medium size bus parking lot so you can relax with confidence.