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Car rental is available at discounted prices for guests only!

  • Limited to hotel guests, J-net Rent-a-Car A- J-net Rent-a-Car's mini cars, compact cars, wagon type vehicles

    It is possible to use at a discount price so if you are planning to come by car rental

    Please feel free to use it.

    Please contact Seiunso so you will need a reservation to use.
    ※Since it may not be possible to pick up, it is an answer after confirmation to J-net Rent-a-Car

    Handling store
    Nagasaki Airport Store, Isahaya Store, Nagasaki Takaramachi Store, Nagasaki Ohashi Store, Sasebo Store

    Saga store, Kurume Store

    Mini car, 24H, 5,000 yen, 48 hours, ¥ 10,000

    compact, 24H, 6,000 yen, 48 hours, 12,000 yen

    wagon, (8 people), 24H, 13,000 yen, 48 hours, 26,000 yen

    wagon(10 people), 24H, 18,000 yen, 48 hours, 36,000 yen

    ※Rates include Anshin Compensation fee.
    ※Please note that in case of cancellation fee will be charged from 6 days in advance.
    ※All vehicles with a car navigation system.
    ※There is no additional charge when shopping between stores in Nagasaki Prefecture above.