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Event·Special Plan

Events and special plan Seiunso

  • At Seiunso where many customers of repeaters are filled, events are packed!
    Golf in a comfortable sweat outdoors, and a gateball tournament where the number of holdings exceeds 100 times, etc. in the indoor cozy go and shogi.Hope for first participation is also welcome.
    Special plan with lodging and banquets are also very popular.

  • Seiunso, we hold various events throughout the year, such as go shogi, golf, gate ball.
    Gateball has reached more than 100 times!
    There are also many other events held repeatedly, and there are persistent popularity.
    Of course, after the event, please relax in the Seiunso proud of the hot spring.

Heisei era Festival Seiunso Ground Golf Competition, Schedule!

  • We will be holding the Okunosu Seiunso Ground Golf Competition as follows.
    After play, refreshing both mind and body with an open-air bath that feels the four seasons.
    We invite you to participate in the invitation.
·timeThe 90th Memorial Congress, Heisei 30, April, The 9th(Month)~ 10 days(fire)
91st convention, May, The 8th(Month)~, The 9th(fire)
The 92nd Games, June, Four days(Month)~, 5 days(fire)
The 93rd Games, July 19(wood)~ 20 days(Money)
The 94th convention, August 27(Month)~ 28 days(fire)
The 95th convention, September 18(fire)~ 19 days(water)
The 96th Games, October 29(Month)~ 30 days(fire)
The 97th convention, November 26(Month)~ 27th(fire)
·Locationground golf area only for Seiunso
·Entry fee4 nights a night
·Number of persons 128 people
·prizeEveryone has prizes
·Courtesy bus3 units
·applicationBy telephone or fax, one person can join!
We are waiting for everyone's participation.!(^^)!

Extremely Popular! Lunch Buffet

  • Lunch buffet being held every Sunday and holiday.
    We have received a reputation that various dishes can be enjoyed during the Japanese and Western cuisines, mainly of the local Shimabara Peninsula and Nagasaki ingredients
ChargeAdult(s), 1,200 yen
Elementary school-aged children, ¥ 750
Infants, 500 yen(4 years old ~)
※Bargain bath + lunch buffet set tickets are on sale on the day (there is a date of exclusion)

Nagasaki·Isahaya, ⇔, Unzen, Free shuttle bus included accommodation plan, !

  • September 10(Month)~ September 16(Day)During the,
    We will operate a free shuttle bus every day Unzen Nagasaki, Isahaya Unzen.

    ※I will operate until your return home on September 17 (Monday).

    (Up to 45 persons per day, reservation required)

    【To go】 Nameshi Daijingu Shrine(13: 25)→Michinoo(13: 30)→Sumiyoshi(13: 33)→Ohashi(13: 38) Morimachi(13: 43)→Shinchi Terminal Hotel(13: 53)→Chuobashi(13: 58)→Suwa Jinja-Mae(14: 02)→Hotaru Chaya(14: 05)→Yagami(14: 20) → Tsutsujigaoka Drugstore Mori-Mae(14: 25)→Norin Shikenjo-Mae(14: 40)→Isahaya Station Nishiguchi(14: 55)→This Isahaya Station(15: 05)→Seiunso arrival (16: 30)

    "Return", Seiunso, Departs at 9:30
  • ※Please inform me where to get the bus when booking.

    ※Please note that the bus time may be delayed depending on road conditions.
     Please be patient.

  • It is announcement of the results of various events.

94th Seiunso Ground Golf Competition achievements!

timeAugust 27, Heisei 30(Month)~ 28 days(fire)
LocationUnzen Seiunso
AchievementExcellent, Katsu Sasaki, Haruji, Mr (Rakuyukai)

second place, Yamamoto, Kaijin, Mr (Kunimi Club)

3rd place, Sheng high, Mr. Sho(An individual)

  • Congratulations, thank you.    

    The next 95th Games will be held on September 18 (Tue) and 19 (Wed)

    We are planning to.

    We are waiting for the participation of many people!

The 100th Seiunso Golf Competition Results!

·timeApril 27, Heisei 30(Money)
·LocationUnzen Golf Links
·Number of persons 70 people, 19 pairs
·Achievement"Victory", Masatoe, Masaaki(Omura City), 68
"2nd place", Nakamura, Megaei(Unzen City), 69
"3rd place", Adachi, Hi Mr. Haruobin(Nagasaki City), 71
"Bethgrö", Kuwatsuka, Mr Hiroshi, (Nagasaki City), 77

  • Congratulations, thank you.The next round is 101 times.

    We are waiting for the participation of many people!

The 36th Seiunso Socializing Shogi Tournament Results!

·timeMar. 26, 1972(Month)~ 27th(fire)
·LocationMiyamakirishima 2nd floor of Seiunso Miyamakirishima
·Class A)Victory, Morizuka, Masao, Mr(Nagasaki City)
second place, Ezaki, Progress(Nagasaki City)
3rd place, Shimazaki, Toshihiko, Mr(Nagayo Town)
·Class B)Victory, Yoshiwara, National body, Mr(Unzen City)
second place, Yamazaki, Kuniharu, Mr(Nagasaki City)
3rd place, Nakagawa, Jitsuo, Mr(Nagasaki City)
·Class C)Victory, Noguchi, Katsuya, Mr(Nagasaki City)
second place, Miyake, Hideji, Mr(Nagasaki City)
3rd place, Uchida, Kazuhisa, Mr(Nagasaki City)

  • Congratulations, thank you.

    Next time, the 37th convention is scheduled for July Heisei 30.

    We are waiting for the participation of many people!

The 49th Seiunso Go Tournament results!

·timeDecember 14, Heisei 29(wood)~ 15 days(Money)
·LocationFirst day, Miyamakirishima 2nd floor of Seiunso Miyamakirishima
the 2nd day, Miyamakirishima 2nd floor of Seiunso Miyamakirishima
·Highest rankVictory, Koga, Yukio, Mr(Kumamoto City)
second place, Esashima, Dear Kasama,(Kumamoto City)
3rd place, Toyonaga, Mikio, Mr(Kumamoto City)
·The throneVictory, Kinoshi, Public impulse, Mr(Kunimi Town)
second place, Matsuzono, Kengo, Mr(Isahaya City)
3rd place, Koizumi, Hiroyuki, Mr(Nagasaki City)

  • Congratulations, thank you.

    The next 50 times the competition is scheduled for June, Heisei 30.

    We are waiting for the participation of many people!