【Official】Sejour Inn Capsule Hiroshima

Enjoy a comfortable Hiroshima journey at the evolutionary capsule hotel.


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Sejour Inn Capsule Hiroshima


Hiroshima ken Hiroshima-shi Naka-ku Kawaramachi 10-20

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Hiroshima Electric Railway "Funatoicho" 2 minutes on foot from the electric station
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Stylish capsule type hotel

  • Comfortable space

    Cheap and affordable than usual hotel, comfortable and more comfortable than the minimum capsule.
    Please use it for the sudden lodging when you are late due to work and for the base of travel you would like to enjoy on a low budget.
  • Enjoy a comfortable morning with breakfast.

    Enjoy a convincing morning time with a buffet style breakfast.
    In the salon in the lobby, you can spare your free time such as discourse and coffee break.
  • Private type ~ Private ~

    The private type is preparing a dedicated space, it is comfortable space not more than that.
    There is an opening feeling of the room, and it is a room which can not be thought of as a capsule hotel.
    TV, desk and chair are attached to the room.

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