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Surrounding attractions

Tourist attractions

  • Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

    • World heritage Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

      10 minutes by car from hotel
    • Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine ruins

    • Streets

  • Tradition

    • Iwami Kagura

    • Mononobe Shrine

      3 minutes on foot from hotel
    • Izumo marriage

      ■Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, 50 minutes by car from the hotel
      ■Tamatsukuri Onsen
    • Matsue Castle

      Approximately 60 km from the hotel, recommended shopping spots in Shimane prefecture.
      (Some guests stay after visiting Matsue Castle.)
  • Nature

    • National park Sambayama

      30 minutes by car from hotel
  • Leisure facilities

    • Nima Sand Museum

      15 minutes by car from hotel