Senomoto Kogen Hotel(Formerly San-ai Kogen Hotel)

Enjoy the sense of unity with nature

  • A relaxing time to be invited by the breeze of the starry sky and plateau.

    The "Senomoto Kogen Hotel" is located on a plateau with an altitude of 920 meters.
    This hotel is located in Kurokawa Onsen with a superb outdoor bath.
    The site is 50,000 tsubo.When you look around, there are the prairie and the blue sky.....
    We are looking forward to welcoming you to the open-air bath where you can enjoy the starry sky and enjoy delicious seasonal dishes, sake, and various plan.
    There is also a chartered bus, so please feel free to use it.

Facility information

  • lobby

    From the large glass-covered window, you can overlook the Senomoto Plateau and Asogogaku (five mountains of Aso).
    The inside of this facility uses "Akamatsu", which is often found in the Senomoto Plateau, and it is built so that you can feel the nature inside this facility.
    Surrounded by magnificent nature, please spend a quiet and relaxing time that you do not have in everyday life.
  • Karaoke Room Yusho(Yusho)

    How is your second party?
    Usage fee: 3,000 yen / hour (charge per room) Up to 30 people can be accommodated.
    Drinks and meals are not provided, so please bring your own and enjoy.
  • Banquet Halls / Conference Rooms

    In addition to the large hall (capacity of 110 people), there are banquet halls such as Hakuun and Akizuki.
    Hakuun and Akizuki can also be used as conference rooms.
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Hotel Name

Senomoto San-ai Kogen Hotel(Formerly San-ai Kogen Hotel)


5644 Manganji, Minamioguni Town, Aso County

Telephone number



70 minutes by car from the Oita Expressway Hita IC from the Kyushu Expressway

There is a transfer(conditions)
We will pick you up at the nearest Station (Miyaji Station).
*If you wish, please make a reservation in advance.
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Kurokawa Onsen Town

  • Information for exclusive shuttle bus

    From our hotel, we offer a free shuttle service to Kurokawa Onsen Town by a dedicated shuttle flight.(Senomoto Kogen Hotel Only for guests)
    Please enjoy the hot spring "Nyuto Tegata(onsen-hopping pass) (1 sheet / ¥ 1,300)".

    *The bus will depart on time.
    *There are no chairs or roofs at the Kurokawa Bus Stop.
    *The maximum number of passengers is limited.Standing is not possible.
  • Guidance of Nyuto Tegata(onsen-hopping pass)

    If you have a Nyuto Tegata(onsen-hopping pass), you can spend 3 days visiting hot springs by visiting 3 open-air baths.
    Nyuto Tegata(onsen-hopping pass) are sold at the front desk, so please inquire at the front desk if you wish.

    【Nyuto Tegata(onsen-hopping pass)】1 sheet 1,300 yen(Use of 1 per person)
    【Child Nyuto Tegata(onsen-hopping pass)】One sheet 700 yen
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Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.


FAX 0967-44-0521