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Hotel Name

Tomada Onsen, Iyashi no Yado, Sensui


1426 Kaidani, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture -2

Telephone number



20 minutes by car from Okayama Station, 15 minutes by car from Okayama Airport, 6 minutes by car from Okayama IC
  • Time to the inn

    ·10 km from Okayama Station, 20 minutes by car

    ·8 km from Okayama Airport, 10 minutes by car

    ·12 km from Korakuen, 25 min by car

    ·25 km from Kurashiki Aichi district, 30 minutes by car

    ·35 minutes by car from Seto Ohashi Bridge

    ·4 km from Okayama IC, 7 minutes by car

    ·56 km from Tsuyama IC, 50 minutes by car

    ·30 km from uno port, 60 minutes by car

    ·25 km from Shin-okuyama port, 40 minutes by car

  • Peripheral access

    〈Supermarket〉Eating and drinking establishments
    ·Every Tsudaka store, 7 minutes by car
    83-3 Okayama City Kita-ku Yokojima

    ·Hellos Tsudaka store, approximately 8 minutes by car
    Okayama city Kita-ku Tsunaga 640-1

    〈convenience store〉
    ·FamilyMart Yoshotsune store (24H sales) 1 minute by car, about 10 minutes on foot
    Okayama city Kita-ku Yoshimune 720-3

    ·Laundry Mart, about 8 minutes by car
    Takahiro Kita-ku, Okayama city 649

    ·Naruhiro Taxi Tsu High Business Office, TEL: 086-294-2244
    Okayama city Kita-ku Yokochi 208

    ·National Hospital Okayama Medical Center, approximately 5 minutes by car
    tel: 086-294-9911
    Okayama city Kita-ku Tasui 1711-1
  • how to access

    ○Access from Okayama Station
    ·Okayama Station (West exit), taxi 20 minutes
    ·Okayama Station (east exit), take a bus 40 minutes (Okayama Station number 7 stop → Gyokudani "Kaitaniguchi", get off)
      →There is a shuttle from the bus stop.(However, some diamonds only)※For details please contact the hotel.
      →Walk for about 15 minutes, or use the nearest taxi (Naruto taxi: 086-294-2244).

    ※Transfer from Okayama Station is not received.

    ○Access from Okayama Airport
    ·15 minutes by taxi from airport

    ※Transfer from Okayama Airport is not received.