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From the gentleman to the daughter The fun plan based on Sensui is invincible

Utilizing plenty of wide hilly land, utilizing the temperate climate climate, Okayama is also a treasure trove of peaceful play.
Sports, fruit and stroll around beauty, with immediate proximity to Sensui....
This is just one example.
  • Golf Country Club

    • Okayama Country Club Momo-no-Sato Course

      For those with a long history of golf, they are quite familiar.
      It is a full-scale course with tradition and style added together with the passage of years since the opening of Showa 37.

      It is 5 minutes by car from Sensui.
    • Shin Okayama Golf Club

      Downtown Okayama and the sea of Seto is wonderful. Variable,
      It is one of the popular reasons that there are many excellent course.

      It is 15 minutes by car from Sensui.
    • Okayama Kinryo Country Club

      18 personality colored by beautiful nature.
      Ideal hill course to fully enjoy the real pleasure of golf.

      It is 20 minutes by car from Sensui.
  • Okayama Castle·Korakuen area

    • Okayama Castle·Korakuen

      Okayama Castle, Korakuen is a symbol of the Castle Town, Okayama.
      Even now, I am quietly quiet.

      It is 20 minutes by car from Sensui.
    • Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art

      We regularly hold various events and exhibitions.

      It is 20 minutes by car from Sensui.
    • Oranda Dori-Street (Holland Street)

      There is a street with boutiques, galleries, restaurants, etc. along the north-south 1 km south of Okayama Castle and Korakuen. The fashionable street full of exotic atmosphere of this brick laying "Oranda Dori-Street (Holland Street)". It was named after the Dutch doctor Siebold's daughter rice trained at a clinic in this place.
      Cafés and boutiques where old town houses have been refurbished line up, and new shops are open with thrill.
  • Kibiji

    • Kibitsu Shrine

      "Kibitsu Shrine" is close from Okayama City and its building is designated as a national treasure.
      Also, the story of "The Ura (ogre) Extermination," which led to "The Momotaro Legend, " has been transmitted,
      It is a shrine that makes history feel.

      It is 20 minutes by car from Sensui.
    • Bicchu Kokubunji Temple

      A very beautiful "Goju-no-to (five-storied pagoda)" is a tourist attraction that is too famous.
      Especially the rape flower fields blooming from around January are worth seeing.

      30 minutes by car from Sensui.
  • Leisure spot

    • Toy’s Kingdom

      Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture is a Toy theme park Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture, where you can see, touch, and experience.
      You can enjoy past generations from long ago toys to the latest toys.

      One hour by car from Sensui.
    • Washuzan Highland

      All the vehicles in the park are entrusted with free admission only.
      It is a Brazilian Park overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.

      It is 40 minutes by car from Sensui.(When using highway ※ ※)
    • AEON MALL, Okayama

      Okayama Station a large shopping mall adjacent Okayama Station.
      It is the largest store in Chugoku / Shikoku and consists of about 350 specialty shops.

      In addition, there are many eateries inside the shop, so you can relax and enjoy shopping.

      It is 20 minutes by car from Sensui.
  • Tomada Onsen around Tomada Onsen area

    We will introduce recommended spots around Tomada Onsen and delicious local eateries.
    Please drop in on the way of your journey.
    • From harvest experience to BBQ ... I can spend a good satoyama time!

      Kubo Farm

      You can experience various seasonal vegetables and fruits.
      Of course, you can also enjoy muscat hunting and pione hunting, which are unique to Okayama Specialty, and you can have unlimited time.
      Also, besides agricultural experiences, I can spend my time in quiet nature such as 'Pizza making experience' and 'forest BBQ'.
      Furthermore, there is a direct selling place in front of the plantation, it is perfect for buying a souvenir!

      Please enjoy your next Satoyama time with your family and friends.

      ※There is a season for the harvest experience.Please confirm from the HP for details.

      30 minutes by car from Sensui
    • An experienced tourism orchard where you can meet goats, rabbits and tortoises

      Oumi no Sato

      “Oumi no Sato” is a place surrounded by mountains, under a clear blue sky and sparkling sunshine, with lots of fresh fruits, colorful flowers, and rich nature.

      With the theme of "Harmonious coexistence between people, animals and nature", cute little animals, fresh fruits, seasonal flowers, etc. are full of fun.

      Feeling fluffy and gentle wind, like from the heart but full of happiness ...

      Sensui car from Sensui, 10 minutes.