NEW, OPEN! , Healing time spent in nature-rich Hirugano Highland Cottage Park 'Shiki no Sato

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【Official】Shiki no Sato

Cottage Park Shiki no Sato you can enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of the Hirugano Plateau in various types in the Shiki no Sato town have been prepared.We are also preparing a room to stay with pets.

★Cottage, Open all year
★Grand Ping (until the end of November)
★Auto camp (until the end of November)
★Day trip BBQ (until the end of November)

Enhance family ties, enjoy outdoor.It is possible to enjoy fifteen full-time people, "Shiki no Sato"

  • Please spend your family time different from usual.Please enjoy the time with a different group as usual.

    From different types of cottages, you can choose according to their stay style and number of people!
    Equipped with abundant equipment, you can enjoy BBQ by hand.
    A wonder that you can talk about things you do not usually talk about.
    Spend time with relaxing people spending time with important people.
    It's fun to be living a more disabled life than usual.
    Why do not you forget your everyday life in nature?

Hirugano Highland Cottage Park Please spend a happy holiday in Shiki no Sato of the Shiki no Sato. , PR video

  • Click ▶, Let's Go Hirugano!

    Hirugano Highland Cottage Park It is a PR movie of Shiki no Sato.
    It is a movie that images come floating so that you can enjoy it variously.
    Click to view.

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