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Surrounding tourist information

World Heritage, Shirakawago

Sightseeing information recommended around Shiki no Sato

Happy family memories, friends with each other, couples, and memories of a fun trip!

There are lots of spots where you can feel magnificent nature and culture if you extend a little from this facility!
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  • Introduction of tourist attractions around by car!

    On the Hirugano Plateau, there are various events every season, and there are plenty of natural attractions and playgrounds.Activities for families, especially with children are enriched! Let's start playing in the unusual world all day long!
    There are many sightseeing spots in less than 60 minutes by car, so why do not you go out and visit Shiki no Sato of the Shiki no Sato as a base?
    Starting with the pastoral village in the area of ​​Hirugano, old townscape of Takayama, eating in Gujo Hachiman, Shirakawago can also go!
    • You can enjoy new scenery no matter which season you go! Contact with animals is also recommended for children!

      To interact with animals, enjoy seasonal flowers, pastoral villages

      Gifu Prefecture Okumino is a resort area where you can enjoy various nature with magnificent figures of Lingemine Hakusan and seasons at the foot of Dainichigatake, at 1,000 m altitude.It is a theme park of nature, animals and food that vividly colorizes such a landscape with seasonal flowers, and a peaceful pastoral village whose horses and sheep fell grass in grass fields.

      Gifu Prefecture Gogo-shi Takasagi-cho Hamami 2756-2
    • The spirit of a pastoral with a hot spring gives the mind and body a great deal of energy☆

      10 minutes by car! Let's be an idyllic hot spring!

      A forest large public bath with panoramic windows with a high ceiling overlooking the Forest Baths full of openness and rich forests overlooking the seasonally changing facade open-air bath.
      Besides sauna and mist room, souvenirs and restaurants and extensive facilities.

      "business hours", 11:00 to 21:00, Bathing reception 20: 30
      【closing day】Every Tuesday (except GW, Bon Festival, New Year)
    • Walking down the street feels history at Gujo Hachiman Castle

      To the city of water and dance where history is breath, to Gujo Hachiman

      It is said that Endo Saka was built in Eiroku 2 (1559).That child Keihito will be released for Tidei 15 years (1587) Hideyoshi, but when Ieyasu rejoined.After that, the castle went through Inoue, Mr. Kanamori and since the Baekje 8th year (1758) Mr. Aoyama has reached the Meiji era forty thousand eight thousand stones.Today, the castle tower stands in front of the castle towers, corner doors, castellated gates and fences built in the form of Ogaki castle in 1951.

      〒501-4214, Gifu County Gujo City Yahata machi Yanagi cho Kazuhei
    • Let's deepen our family ties in Gujo, full of summer activities

      Summer is green beautiful and fun with cold and pleasant water!

    • Because it is nature rich Gujo, we enjoy the beautiful colored autumn leaves in autumn

      I am deprived of autumn's burning autumn colors

    • There are 11 ski resorts in Gujo city and you can enjoy it!

      I would like to enjoy skiing in winter as well!

      There are 11 ski resorts in Gujo, requiring a variety of slopes from Chibiko to Family, Advanced, Long course and Mountain course.The snowboard world cup is also held twice, and facilities are substantial.Walk around various ski resorts or you can find a home slope.
      Please enjoy it in your way.