Kutsurogijyuku, Shintaki
Sources that spring up from the rock, Flowing as it flows ---

【Official】Kutsurogijuku Shintaki

Immerse in history at the Taisho Romant conscious pavilion

While being in an old hot spring village, it has been known for making modern.
Inheriting the tradition, inside the facility conscious of Taisho Roman, you can taste different relaxation.The source that springs out of the rock is unchanged even now and again.
While listening to the constant sound of the mountain stream, please spend a moment of immersing in history.
Annex (Fudo Waterfall) is known as an Hijikata Toshizo related to Hijikata Toshizo called an old Saru-no-yu.
Experience the real pleasure of hot springs, flowing from the source, "Kake Sushi".

Within the facility·Facility

  • Library Lounge

    Aizu related books and photograph collections, travel tips and picture books are prepared, and it is a space that you can enjoy from adults to children.

    Coffee, tea, herbal tea etc can be provided by self service,
    It is also perfect for a refreshing break or walking break.
  • Takehisa Yumeji Gallery

    The hotel-related lyric painter, Takehisa Yumeji Takehisa Yumeji is a painter to represent the Taisho Roman has to stay three times.) We have set up a small work exhibition section.Anyone can see it.

    Yumeji stayed at the hotel for three times in Taisho 10th and 5th Showa era, in Meiji 44, and left a lot of work by tilting his passion for drawing women and landscapes in Aizu.

    Of the works left at the hotel, a few works are exhibited, such as Yumeji 's grieving beautiful paintings.
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【Information on a day-trip hot spring】

  • 【Information on a day-trip hot spring】

    Adult(s)(Middle school student), ¥ 1,000
    Elementary school-aged children,  500 yen
    Infants,  300 yen
    Free for under 3 years (2 years and under)
    ※Towels and bath towels are charged separately on weekdays.
    ·Face towel(200 yen)
    ·Bath towel lending(300 yen)

    【Before Holidays】
    Adult(s)(Middle school student), 1,500 yen, (towel, With bath towel)
    Elementary school-aged children, 500 yen
    Infants, 300 yen
    Free for under 3 years (2 years and under)
    ※The day before the holidays / busy days specified by the hotel will be adults only with set fee with face towel and bath towel.※Children and toddlers do not have bath towels and face towels

【Dining Information】

  • 【Dining Information】

    <Enjoy relaxing sum with calm dining>

    I produced Aizu rashishi and nostalgic atmosphere in the adult space that made passion for lighting and atmosphere.We are also preparing "Shimizu Corner" which is irresistible for drinking.
    Please enjoy "Original Aizu Traditional Local Menu" with full of charm Japanese style dining.

    <By appointment only>
    ※The dining venue of the hotel is "complete reservation system".If you wish to have dinner, please apply with a plan with dinner.
    Shintaki may guide Dining Yusen as a meal venue for guests staying at Shintaki.
    Note) The meals of groups / organizations guide different venues.

Booking·Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.