【Official】Kutsurogijuku Shintaki

A love full of Taisho Romantes that many literatians loved

While being in an old hot spring village, it has been known for making modern.

Its history is old, including the rock bath which once was the hot spring of the Aizu Clan history clan, at the end of the Bakumatsu Hijikata Toshizo healed sword injuries, since the Meiji era many literatians visited Takehisa Yumeji and Akiko Yosano is known.

The source that springs out of the rock is unchanged even now and again.All of the baths are hot springs of "source spring hanging" with no water addition, warming, circulation, or filtration.
While listening to the constant sound of the mountain stream, please spend a moment of immersing in history.
Experience "Kake Sushi" flowing from the source at the Taisho romantic floor.

Accommodation Features·Facility Information

  • Library Lounge

    Aizu related books and photograph collections, travel tips and picture books are prepared, and it is a space that you can enjoy from adults to children.

    Since coffee, tea, herbal tea etc. can be provided by self service, it is perfect for a break and a walk for walks.
  • Takehisa Yumeji Gallery

    【Renewal in January 2018】

    We set up a small work exhibition section of Takehisa Yumeji, a lyricist painter representing the Taisho Roman related to the hotel.
    Anyone can see it.

    Yumeji stayed at the hotel for three times in Taisho 10th and 5th Showa era, in Meiji 44, and left a lot of work by tilting his passion for drawing women and landscapes in Aizu.

    Of the works left at the hotel, a few works are exhibited, such as Yumeji 's grieving beautiful paintings.
  • Table tennis

    First 30 minutes free loan
    There are racket balls available.

    We are preparing a white board on the wall beside the entrance, so we ask you to make a reservation by yourself.
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Recommended Plan

  • - The blissful holiday in Aizu -

    On a special day "plan only 2 pairs a day"

    ◆Select dinner venue from "Dining" or "Out of Room"
    ◆At dinner you can choose your favorite dish from among 4 items
    ◆One cup of recommended sake as a service
    ◆Lending of colorful Yukata to ladies
    ◆1 round tender rock bath use
  • Kutsurogijyuku hospitality sticking to cooking ~ Aizu · food hospitality ~

    【The ultimate creative local cuisine full course to enjoy with the five senses】

    We have prepared "extreme regional cuisine full course" that you can enjoy Aizu Local Menu with Japanese Aizu Local Menu from Aizu's seasonal vegetable appetizers to desserts by adding "one time effort" to ingredients and cooking methods.Main chicken 100 g of high quality marbled domestic beef sirloin steak carefully selected by the chief chef with a special Aizu Soy Souce butter sauce.
    We will enjoy it with your favorite grill.Please adequately taste "Aizu · food hospitality" that "sticks to cooking"Kutsurogijyuku.
  • 【Last Minute Saver】"That's right! Let's go to Aizu!"

    【Internet & card payment only】
    ■□I will go on weekend! What? , "That's right! Let's go to Aizu!"
    ■□Limited Days, Last Minute Booking, 1 Night/ 2 Meals(Morning·evening)
    ■□It is a plan that will be reasonable with early-out at 10:00!
    ※Normal check out time: 11:00

    ※In the case of change cancellation, 100% cancellation fee will be generated after the reservation is made.
    ※Please note carefully after your understanding.
    ※Please note that we can not accept changes to dates or rescheduling again.

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