Towadako Shore Hot Springs, Towadako Shinzantei
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Towadako Shinzantei

【Phone reservation limited! 】Recommended plan introduction of this facility

  • At the furnace side, it's exciting! I have a drink! Feast plan

    Groups, Limited plan for groups!
    A set of heart-baked grilled drinks and all-you-can-drink with plenty of regional ingredients.
    To create a delicious and lively trip memories!
    ●1 Night/ 2 Meals Included, All-you-can-drink 90 minutes for dinner banquet(beer, Sake, Shochu, Whiskey, Soft drink)Every 30 minutes extension 540 yen increase※Raw beer, cold sake, wine, sour etc excluded

    ※In busy seasons (Golden Week, Summer Festival, Obon, Fall Season, New Year's Day, and other holidays), the extra charge is 2,000 yen to 6,000 yen.
    Please check by phone.


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Hotel Name

Yamano no Towadako Shinzantei


35 Yasumitai, Towadako, Kosaka Town, Kazuno County

Telephone number



Tohoku Expressway Towada IC approximately 45 minutes via Route 103, from Jukai Line Kosaka IC via the Jukai Line 35 minutes

Pick-up presence (condition)
JR Bus Towadako Station (bus stop) is free of charge.If you can contact us on arrival at the bus, we will pick you up.For groups of 15 people or more, please contact us free of charge to reach the nearest station.
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In-house information

  • 1F Lobby

    There is a PC installation (free)
    WiFi available throughout(Free)
  • Robatadokoro Shinzan

    We can accommodate about 100 people.
    I was able to take it in a chair seat.
  • Large Bath "Mantenboshi"

    You can enjoy Towadako Hot Springs for 24 hours.There is no outdoor bath.)
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Cuisine·Dining Hall

  • Abundant ingredients

    【Please enjoy the North Sanriku, the Sea of ​​Japan, Mutsu-wan Bay and fresh seafood from the Mikata, Akita's mountains of fruits】

    Towadako That's why the located in the center of the North Tohoku, Japan Sea, Pacific Ocean, fresh and delicious seafood purchases from Tsugaru Bay, and food of treasure and Akita Specialty Kiritampo, the riches of the soil, such as Kokanee of Towadako Special Product, the effect of Please enjoy with charcoal grill to bring out.
  • "Authentic" oven baked dish

    【A cooked dish where the charcoal fire draws out a delicacy.The Robatadokoro Shinzan atmosphere complements the Robatadokoro Shinzan】

    ·"The heat" of the charcoal fire draws out the effect.
    This hotel is full of authentic fireplace side dishes.Charcoal grilling is not a "flame", but rather a "fire" bake, so the fire will pass through evenly without any inconvenience, pulling out the purity of the material surprisingly.As well as seafood such as "scallops" "saiza" "shrimp", as well as mountain foods such as vegetables and meat "Kiritampo ( Misozuke Tampo )"Towadako Special Product of Towadako Special Product and Akita specialty "Kiritampo ( Misozuke Tampo )" deliciously enjoy with charcoal fire.

    ※You can choose the local pot from "Kiritampo Hot Pot" "Sembeijiru".
    Especially when there is no desired comment etc, I will make it "Kiritampo Hot Pot".
  • Other dishes

    ·Japanese meal menu
    In addition to the hearth baked dish, "Kaiseki meal service" is also available.Please enjoy in the room or banquet hall.

    ※The content will change according to the season and purchase situation. We apologize in advance.

    ·Children's meal (Kids Mir style)
    For customers who are booked under the conditions of "children" regardless of hearth burning plan, kaiseki ceremonial meal plan, we will prepare a kids meal style "kids table".


  • Large Bath "Mantenboshi"

    【A bathtub with cobblestone cooked "The body warms well and the skin becomes smooth"】

    A cobblestone is laid at the bottom of the bathtub, comfortable to the sole of the foot, a hot spring containing various ingredients such as sodium · calcium, "The body warms well, the skin becomes smooth and refreshed after bathing "We have gained popularity


  • Room 1

    【Japanese style room of 18 square meters calming down.All rooms are comfortable with individual air conditioning with bath and toilet】
  • Room 2

    It is nostalgic for the first time ...
    It is a room where you can feel such comfort.
    All the rooms are equipped with a bathroom with a washing machine in a Japanese style room and a toilet.

    ※It is also possible to install a cot.
    Please contact us in advance.

Surrounding tourism

  • Towadako

    Fresh green, autumn leaves, snowy landscape and international scenic areas rich in variety every season

    Towadako is a double caldera lake formed by the volcanic eruption which straddles Towada City, Aomori Prefecture Kosaka Town, Kazuno County, Akita Prefecture, Kosaka Town, Kazuno County, Akita Prefecture.
     In addition to the beauty of the autumn tints that the mountains color as it burns, as well as the mountain cherry trees in May, the fresh green in June, the July and August crowded with lake water festivals and campers, September and October of autumn leaves that make the outer rim mountain beautifully, quietly And wonderful natural beauty through the four seasons, such as Towadako Towadam which went quietly, will invite the traveler to the world of fantasy beauty.
  • Oirase Keiryu

    Evening river flowing out of Towadako, designated as a natural treasure.

    The only river that flows out of Towadako, designated as a natural monument in 1928.The flow of about 14 km from the Ne no Kuchi ( Ne no Kuchi ) Towadako Ne no Kuchi ( Ne no Kuchi ) to Yakeyama is regarded as "Oirase Keiryu" and constitutes a streamlined beauty with a variety of changes, which is a scenic spot throughout the four seasons.
     There are promenades in the mountain stream, and there are many waterfalls along the mountain stream.It is an indispensable walking point for Towadako.You can enjoy trekking about 4 hours and a half at the promenade along the mountain stream.Rich trees, large and small waterfalls, huge rocks and distinct cliffs add color to the landscape.The period of fresh green and autumn leaves show a particularly beautiful landscape.

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