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Cuisine·Dining Hall

  • Abundant ingredients

    【Please enjoy the North Sanriku, the Sea of ​​Japan, Mutsu-wan Bay and fresh seafood from the Mikata, Akita's mountains of fruits】

    Towadako That's why the located in the center of the North Tohoku, Japan Sea, Pacific Ocean, fresh and delicious seafood purchases from Tsugaru Bay, and food of treasure and Akita Specialty Kiritampo, the riches of the soil, such as Kokanee of Towadako Special Product, the effect of Please enjoy with charcoal grill to bring out.
  • "Authentic" oven baked dish

    【A cooked dish where the charcoal fire draws out a delicacy.The Robatadokoro Shinzan atmosphere complements the Robatadokoro Shinzan】

    ·"The heat" of the charcoal fire draws out the effect.
    This hotel is full of authentic fireplace side dishes.Charcoal grilling is not a "flame", but rather a "fire" bake, so the fire will pass through evenly without any inconvenience, pulling out the purity of the material surprisingly.As well as seafood such as "scallops" "saiza" "shrimp", as well as mountain foods such as vegetables and meat "Kiritampo ( Misozuke Tampo )"Towadako Special Product of Towadako Special Product and Akita specialty "Kiritampo ( Misozuke Tampo )" deliciously enjoy with charcoal fire.

    ※You can choose the local pot from "Kiritampo Hot Pot" "Sembeijiru".
    Especially when there is no desired comment etc, I will make it "Kiritampo Hot Pot".

    ·1st floor, Robatadokoro Shinzan
    Refueling furnace that atmosphere complements flavor
    It is a restaurant to enjoy full-scale oven burning with charcoal fire.About 120 adults can be accommodated.(Student group maximum 144)

    To those who have difficulty eating on a regular seat
    Robatadokoro Shinzan does not look like digging.
    Those who have difficulty eating in Tadashi / Hoza will be preparing a high seat chair, so please do not hesitate to ask.
  • Other dishes

    ·Japanese meal menu
    In addition to the hearth baked dish, "Kaiseki meal service" is also available.Please enjoy in the room or banquet hall.

    ※The content will change according to the season and purchase situation. We apologize in advance.

    ·Children's meal (Kids Mir style)
    For customers who are booked under the conditions of "children" regardless of hearth burning plan, kaiseki ceremonial meal plan, we will prepare a kids meal style "kids table".
  • Bespoke food·sake

    ·I will complain (Towadako Special Product
     ¥ 1080
     From 540 yen
     From 2700 yen
     ¥ 540
     ¥ 810
    ·Towadako Plateau Pork Momobuta(Approximately 160 g)
     ¥ 1080
    ·Wagyu Beef(Approximately 120 g)
     2430 yen
    ·Hinai Free-range Chicken skewers(1 skewer)
     ¥ 810
    ·Heavy vegetables
     ¥ 540
    ·Matsutake (Autumn only)
     Market price
     ·Grilled, ·Steaming the pot
    ·Tampo seasoned with miso
     ¥ 324

    ·Himemasu ( Towadako Special Product )
     ¥ 1296
    ·Scallop (for 2 sheets)
     ¥ 1296
     ¥ 756
     From 2700 yen
    ·Assorted sashimi
     From 10800 yen
    ·Hinamori's rice cake (6 sticks)
     ¥ 1080
    ·Bakury(Salads of sea squirt)
     ¥ 540
    ·Assorted fruits
     From 3240 yen
    ·Assorted Oshiko
     ¥ 648
    ·rice ball(2 months)
     432 yen
    ·vegetable salad
     ¥ 540
    ※As there are things that can not be prepared depending on the time, please ask the staff.

    ·Innocence of nature (Tenshin rankman)
     ¥ 640
     ¥ 690
     ¥ 690
    ·Akita Homare
     ¥ 690
     ¥ 690
    ·Dewa no Fuji
     ¥ 690
    ·Yamahai pure rice Kariho (Kariho)
     ¥ 780
    ·Jomon Noshiro ( Jomon no Shiro )
     ¥ 780
    ·Tokubetsu Junmai Takashimizu (Takashimizu)
     880 yen
    ·Pure rice Matsukura
     980 yen
    ·Mugen no Sake(Mugen no Sake)
     ¥ 1080
    ·Pure rice Daiginjyo Tenko
     ¥ 1080
    ·Hisho no Mai(Hisho no Mai)
     ¥ 1080
  • Information on breakfast

    We prepare Japanese set menu for breakfast.Please enjoy the local taste of the North Tohoku.