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Surrounding tourism

  • Towadako

    • Fresh green, autumn leaves, snowy landscape and international scenic areas rich in variety every season

      Towadako is a double caldera lake formed by the volcanic eruption which straddles Towada City, Aomori Prefecture Kosaka Town, Kazuno County, Akita Prefecture, Kosaka Town, Kazuno County, Akita Prefecture.
       In addition to the beauty of the autumn tints that the mountains color as it burns, as well as the mountain cherry trees in May, the fresh green in June, the July and August crowded with lake water festivals and campers, September and October of autumn leaves that make the outer rim mountain beautifully, quietly And wonderful natural beauty through the four seasons, such as Towadako Towadam which went quietly, will invite the traveler to the world of fantasy beauty.
    • Otome-no-zo Statue

      Symbol of Towadako built as a national park designated 15th anniversary commemoration project.The author is Kotaro Takamura.It is said that the feelings towards wife / Chieko who was sick were included in the two nude statues of height 2.1 m facing each other with their left hands aligned.
    • Towadako Pleasure Cruise

      You can enjoy the beautiful scenery which can only be seen from the lake which changes every season.Currently two companies are in operation.
    • Towada Shrine

      A shrine that worshiped Yamatotakeruno Mikoto ( Yamatotakeruno Mikoto ) and the Lake Lord and the Minamisobo.Before the Kamakura period, it was known as a training ground for practitioners (Yamabushi), and during the Edo era it developed as a sacred place for the Nanbu Clan.Recently it is a hot topic as a power spot from its holy air feeling.
    • Hakka Pass Observatory

      It is located on the top of the caldera, the most beautiful view of Towada's observation deck and it is an observation deck.It is approximately 250 meters from the lake surface, Nakayama and Ogura Peninsula protrude on the right hand, you can see a pleasure boat going through a large lake which opened wide on the left.It is a recommended spot where you can see magnificent views.
    • Ohanabeyama Observatory

      Towadako Ohanabeyama Observatory which can overlook Towadako is located on the north side of Towadako, and is said to be the "Towadako Best Three Big Observatory" together with the Hakka Pass Observatory and Kankodai.Among them, it is located at the highest altitude of 1,011 m, and the shape of the lake is clearly visible. Iwaki Mount can be seen on the northern face, and even the skyline of Iwateyama and Hachimantai can be seen far away on sunny days.
    • A mysterious lake, a great adventure in Towadako Lake!

      Power boat cruise(RIB PIONEER)From / to / from a store

      Cruising refreshingly with a RIB boat made of large military rubber, a power boat of 250 horsepower.Explore unknown areas and mysterious spots that you did not think could go so far.Let's casually adventure with everyday wear!
      Arrival and departure is from the pier of the rental boat located between the idle pilot boat pier and Otome-no-zo Statue of the Otome-no-zo Statue.It is conveniently located near the North Parking lot as well.
  • Oirase Keiryu

    • Evening river flowing out of Towadako, designated as a natural treasure.

      The only river that flows out of Towadako, designated as a natural monument in 1928.The flow of about 14 km from the Ne no Kuchi ( Ne no Kuchi ) Towadako Ne no Kuchi ( Ne no Kuchi ) to Yakeyama is regarded as "Oirase Keiryu" and constitutes a streamlined beauty with a variety of changes, which is a scenic spot throughout the four seasons.
       There are promenades in the mountain stream, and there are many waterfalls along the mountain stream.It is an indispensable walking point for Towadako.You can enjoy trekking about 4 hours and a half at the promenade along the mountain stream.Rich trees, large and small waterfalls, huge rocks and distinct cliffs add color to the landscape.The period of fresh green and autumn leaves show a particularly beautiful landscape.
    • Deai Bridge

      It is 55 meters in length, hanging over the confluence of the Oirase Keiryu and the Tsutakawa River, one of Japan's leading wooden suspension bridges.It got its name because two rivers join (encounter).It is recommended for birding watching such as gourd, kingfisher, yellow prickly, etc. In Nakasu, you can enjoy forest bathing in primeval forests such as beech, mizunara, and maple.

      It is a break spot located at the entrance of the Oirase Keiryu.Mild mellow coffee brewed with Oirase Headwaters Water is popular! Also recommend "Original coffee float 450 yen (summer - autumn only)" you can taste only 50 cups of water a day with iced coffee and Oirase Milk soft cream at once.
    • Oirase Yusui-kan

      Oirase Headwaters Water to be recognized as "delicious water".It is a facility that you can feel plenty of its charm.You can observe how to fill the deliciousness of the water directly at the manufacturing factory on the first floor.