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A moment when getting drunk by the coloring of the season.

Hakanage tone, Teahouse of the shadow fluctuates on the surface of the water of Suikinkutsu
In a fantastic Suikin-tei, cross the open ground and go to the cooking teahouse 'Suikin-tei'.
German ceiling, light ceiling, stained glass etc.
Fifteen rooms of Sekiya made a design for each room is another private space.
The dishes, and seasonal ingredients carefully selected, please enjoy the Hida of seafood, including the Hida Beef
Kaiseki cuisine with vivid colors.
In accordance with the pace at which you will enjoy, we will deliver freshly prepared items one by one.
The seasonal atmosphere reflected on the vessel and chef's overwhelming creative intention,
With important people and your favorite sake.

【Kaiseki cuisine enjoying the season】

For meals, I used one floor exclusively for cooking teahouses
You can do it in a private room of "Suikin-tei".
Kaiseki cuisine full of season feeling that is served one item at a time.
Kaiseki cuisine which we treat each other at a moment and serve one item at a time
I set it on a monthly basis.
With consideration to change the temperature of the equipment by cooking
I try to be more comfortable.
  • Cuisine, "breakfast"

  • Cuisine, "Supper"

  • Cooking example

  • This month's menu. Heisei 30 - August

    aperitif, Produced from Tohoku Region, Local sake

    Leading edge, Foie gras chopsted tomato soup juice

    Rice, steamed rice with steamed rice and lotus leaf wrapping
    Simmered bowl, Winter melon soup tailoring
    Building, Natural, Striped, Hand rolled sushi
    Grilled Dish, A sweet salted roast
    Firing, Small potato, Lotus maru, Otomaki Yuba, Pumpkin pumpkin
    Feature, Hida Beef Teppanyaki
    rice, Japan's largest contest winning rice
    Gifu Inochi-no-Ichi, "Gin-nomikazuki"

     juice, Red miso soup

    Pickled Vegetables, Two kinds

    Water, Fruit parfait

    Confectionery, Chilled

    ◆The above-mentioned shiragaki is an example, and the content of the menu is different depending on the plan.Please understand that there may be some changes.

    Chief Chef, Hamada, Eisuke