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  2. Four seasons of Matsuo·Sightseeing

Four seasons of Matsuo·Sightseeing

Before your eyes, "Japan's The Best 100 Beaches : Utsumi Chidorigahama Beach".It is shallow and precise white sand.
When you look at the sea that changes its expression many times a day, time will covet the journey together with the amber sunset.
  • In the summer, Utsumi Beach Resort

    • Utsumi Beach Resort

      Speaking of the most popular beach in Aichi Prefecture,
      Here is "Utsumi Beach Resort".

      If it is a pine tree, I will put it on the beach with bare feet as it is.
    • Fireworks Festival

      It will be held in the middle of August every year
      Submerged fireworks are spectacular from the sea in front of you
  • Spring / autumn is a Marine sport and beach leisure Mecca

    • Beach Leisure

      A coat of beach volleyball is also permanently set in front of Matsuo and it is crowded with people enjoying beach leisure through the four seasons.
    • surfing

      Also, when the waves are high, surfers gathered from nowhere and it is popular as a point of surfing.
  • Fall is a fine sunset

    • Spectacular sinking in Ise Bay

      On the banks of the shore, which was crowded with swimming in the summer, in the winter "Norisoda" of laver a Norisoda stands.

      In this season, the sunset Norisoda Ise Bay and the shadow of the Norisoda weave are the moments when the mind is healed.

      Also, an airplane descending towards Chubu Centrair International Airport glowing golden scenery has become a poetry.
    • Setting sun

      Umbrella, and the setting sun
  • Winter sunset

    • White sand of Utsumi

      Utsumi the white sands of Utsumi are really fine, sand will fly when the north wind is in a strong season.For this reason, from autumn to spring, we keep the net on the beach and protect it.

      On warm day in winter, I want to walk barefoot on the sandy beach.
    • Coastal beauty, winter's poultry