Izumo·Tamatsukuri Onsen, Shiraishiya
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★First place in the Shikoku area for 2 consecutive years★

From picking up to your return, let's relax at your own home.
I hope everyone's memories will blossom as a joint that connects the edge of the journey.
We will welcome you with various plan that cherish the seasons.

In-house information

  • Dining Hall《Dining MAGATAMA》

    A restaurant of modern design that tastes preference everywhere.You can enjoy it in Japanese and Western, in two spaces.
  • Dictation street《Four seasons》

    It is a private dining hall that you can use for small group customers.
  • Yukata corner

    We have colorful Yukata in the lobby.Please choose your favorite Yukata for ladies only.
    Ideal for spot tours on green spot town.
    ※We do loans free of charge.
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Hotel Name

Izumo·Tamatsukuri Onsen, Shiraishiya


Shimane prefecture Matsue city ​​Yu Yu town Tamatsukuri 44-2

Telephone number



7 minutes by car from JR Tamatsukurionsen Station (free transfer to the station).Sanin Highway Tamatsukuri IC is 10 minutes by car from Sanin Highway Tamatsukuri IC on Sanin Highway Tamatsukuri IC.

Pick-up presence (condition)
There is a free pick up service to JR Tamatsukurionsen Station or Expressway Tamatsukuri Bus Stop.
We will pick you up according to your arrival time with advance notice.

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Reception / 9: 00-21: 00