Would you like to relax, stare, and charge your wings at an altitude of 1,500 m to flap your wings in an unknown world?
(We will support you)
Shinshu Sugadaira - Minenohara inn best suited for "camp & second home"!

【Official】Pension Shiroi Tsubasa

【important】 Worp plan in progress! (A rental villa + a plateau multipurpose open space is added, and a line smart-in allows you to stay for a long time with peace of mind.)●Worcation●Online class + training camp●Experience the Nature ⇒Rental villa:12 people, main building:24 people ... Scheduled to start at any time from the end of June(Consultation required)

 "Rental villa and plateau multipurpose open space" was newly established at "Pension Shiroi Tsubasa Mine-no-hara Plateau, Joshinetsu National Park at an altitude of 1,400m. It is a safe inn where you can enjoy long-term wormcation / online lessons + training camps / children's nature experiences throughout the year.… It can also be used as a shelter.                              
 ●Main Building:WiFi expansion / partial bath repair(24 people) ●Rental villa:4LDK (12 people) Living facilities, WiFi, etc. can be added and used immediately. ●Plateau multipurpose open space:Tennis and other light sports, plateau restaurants (BBQ), dog runs are possible.(Scheduled to be used from R4 / May) ●"Corona Countermeasure Goods": Infrared thermometer (3) / Pulse oximeter (1) / Hand wash (soap) / Alcohol disinfection / Rubbing spray / Mouthwash / Paper towel / Line smart in pay, etc.)                                    

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Pension Shiroi Tsubasa


3153-436 Nirei, Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture

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Get off at JR Ueda Station, get off at the Resort Center Mae of the Sugadaira Plateau bus, about 45 minutes(Free transfer to the bus stop)

There is a transfer
○"Free (no conditions)" for transportation to and from the nearest bus stop
○Transfer to / from JR Ueda Station is "paid (conditional)"
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