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One of the pleasures of traveling is cooking.
   Hospitality with creative dishes that skillfully coordinated nature's fortune ...
  • *dinner(An example)*

    Consider the balance between local ingredients and food, please enjoy freshly made handmade cuisine.

    ◇Seasonal ingredients "Tempura Assortment"
    ◇Handmade "roast beef"
    ◇Handcrafted "Sato's Soba Saka"
    ◇Handmade "Taste the Tinned Silver Baked"
    ◇We use seasonal mushrooms, vegetables and fish abundantly
     "Hot pot cooking" & noble cooking
             It is a cuisine for 4 people -

    (The menu changes according to the season)
  • *breakfast(An example)*

    The vitality of the day will be local rice, miso soup and pickles Japanese food.
     Exquisitely matched handmade "Take-out Tamagotchi" "Kinpi Buror" and "Roll of Chicken Roll" exquisitely match, and clear air also appetizes.
     Please try to see how many cups you can refill.
  • * Super size creative dish *

  • * Local fresh ingredients *

    Please use the seasonal ingredients brought up by local farmers and the wild vegetables harvested in the garden, please relish safe, volume and balanced creative dishes.
    ○Rice (from nearby farmers to stable supply)
    ○Takahara Vegetable(lettuce/cabbage/Chinese cabbage/corn/Nozawa, etc)
    ○Homemade pickles (rice bran pickles / Nazawa pickles, etc.)