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One of the pleasures of traveling is cooking.
   Hospitality with creative dishes skillfully coordinating the bounty of nature...
  • *Dinner(Example)*

     We are also considering providing it to everyone by sending it directly from "fishermen, famous restaurants nationwide, etc." who are in need of corona.… For consecutive stays of 8 or more people:Special menu:From 1,000 to 1,500 yen/Adult(s)
    (Please contact us if necessary)

    Consider the balance between local ingredients and food, and enjoy freshly prepared homemade dishes.
           ≪An example of dinner≫
    ◇Of seasonal ingredients『Assorted tempura]
    ◇Handmade『roast beef]
    ◇handmade『Sweet potato soboro ankake]
    ◇handmade『Glazed silver cod roe]
    ◇Use plenty of seasonal mushrooms, vegetables and fish
     "Nabe dishes" & porridge
             -Cooking for 4 people-

    (The menu changes depending on the season)
  • *Breakfast(Example)*

     The source of vitality for the day will be Japanese food of locally produced rice, miso soup and pickles.

      The hand-made "Degaki Egg", "Kinpi Gobo" and "Roll of chicken" are a perfect match.Please try how many cups you can change.
  • *Super-sized creative dishes*

  • *Local fresh ingredients*

    Enjoy safe, voluminous and well-balanced creative cuisine using seasonal ingredients grown by local farmers and wild plants from the garden.
    ○Rice(Stable supply from neighboring farmers)
    ○Plateau vegetables(lettuce/cabbage/Chinese cabbage/corn/Nozawana etc.)
    ○Homemade pickles(Rice bran pickles/Pickled Nozawana etc.)