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* New pension style "Worp" under construction(Starts sequentially from R3 / June)*

 New Pension style "Worp" is newly established.

"Worp" is a coined word that stands for "customer's purpose / use and new environment" to mean Warp (move / move / evacuate) from the whole country / metropolitan area to the hotel on the plateau in the corona disaster. is.【Purpose / use】●Worcation:Worcation●Online class-camp:Online class-camp "New environment" ● Rental villa:Rental villa●Plateau multipurpose open space:Plateau multipurpose open space

 Currently, "rental villa" and "multipurpose open space" are under construction and are scheduled to open sequentially from R3 / June (final R4 / 05).Long-term stays such as "telework worcation, online lessons + training camp, nature experience" will be possible, and highland restaurants, tennis & light sports, dog runs, etc. will also be possible. PS> Please feel free to contact us if you are in need of Corona Pension

Enjoy and experience nature at a pension village in the sky at an altitude of 1500 m, refresh your mind and body! (The sensibility of the child is polished ... Sunsets, stars, four seasons, superb views, etc. over the North Alps)
  • *Accommodation price list*

    ◇As a general rule, 500 to 1,000 yen will be added to the New Year holidays / Obon / Golden Week
    ◇During the winter season (December to April), heating fee = 1,000 yen / room will be charged.
    ◇The accommodation fee for infants is 1,000 yen / person.(Rental villas are free)
    ◇For consecutive stays of 10 people or more, 90% of the standard price for general guests is available.
    ◇BBQ is 2,000 yen / unit, ingredients = 2,500 yen / adult.
    ◇Tennis court usage fee(The hotel):2,000 yen / 2H  4,000 / half day  8,000 yen/Day

    ◆As a general rule, please take your garbage home with you.
       … If it is not possible, we will charge 500 yen / bag.(We will explain how to handle long-term stays at rental villas.)
    *If you cancel your reservation on the day of your stay, you will be charged 100% of the room charge, 50% for the day before, 30% for the day before and 10% for the week before. I will.
  • * plan with "rental villa / self-catering" ... Worcation online class-camp etc. *

      You can freely use the "rental villa" on the plateau at an altitude of 1,500 m.
         (A stunning view of the North Alps / a starry sky / clear air and animals welcome you)

    ■Facility:4LDK (22 sqm x 2, 15 sqm x 2, LDK, bath, toilet) ... Immediate life possible
      (Facilities) TV 1/Refrigerator 1/Washing machine 2/Bedding/Hairdryer/microwave/rice cooker/Tableware 
    ■Capacity:8 to 12 people(MAX 15 people) 
    ■Use:① Worcation (small office) on the plateau ② Nature experience & healing ③ Evacuation / evacuation in the event of a disaster ④ Online class-Training camp… Main building available if necessary
    ■Fare:Please check the above "Rental villa 1 building charter (self-catering) fee.

     *Please feel free to contact us.
  • *  Shiroi Tsubasa support Accommodation Plans(Standard A:Main Building)*

    * Avoid the new corona and go to nature *
    Why don't you heal your daily fatigue by being embraced by the nature at an altitude of 1,500m (sunset over the North Alps, watching stars in the sky, etc.)? This facility offers super-sized "hospitality dishes" and "relaxation space" as a place to recharge the vitality of everyone tomorrow.Please relax and relax.Ideal for visiting the historical sites of autumn leaves, shrines and temples, hot springs!
    ■ Yukata / face towel / bedding T / S will be provided for the standard A plan(Adult(s))
    ■ See above for room rates.
    ■ Special Advantages  *Half price for day trip hot springs ... (300 yen / person, free for infants) ... Zippuku or Yukku LAND
    *Serving morning coffee  
  • *Accommodation plan for 10 people or more*

    At this facility, you can enjoy various ways of spending the season as follows.
    ■ spring:Wild vegetable hunting,Experience the Nature etc. ■summer:Various sports and training camps,Summer,Experience the Nature etc. ■ autumn:Sports,Autumn leaves hunting,Climbing etc. ■winter:Skiing & Snowboarding,Ski experience, etc.

    ◇Accommodation benefits
     ☆ The plan (10 or more consecutive nights) is 90% of the standard room rate.
     ☆ One-day hot spring half price 300 yen/Adult(s)(Hot water to Zippuku, Yukkurando)
  • *Rugby / Soccer support plan*

    ◇ Rugby / Soccer support accommodation plan 
      ① Standard rate for 2 meals per night
      ② 1 night breakfast lunch, one-day hot spring included:7,500 yen(Tax included)

    We support parents in summer rugby soccer camps (junior high school, high school, university).
    If you are busy and want to support your child's efforts with your family, or if you do not have a regular lodging and want to stay overnight for a camp, we will support you.
    After cheering, it is ideal for those who sweat at the hot spring on a day trip and enjoy at the hot spring restaurant, who are busy with cheering from the next morning! (For breakfast, watching and cheering while chewing rice ball lunches ... Good luck son! )
    *We will provide accommodations (rooms) other than the above if necessary.(BBQ is also possible) ... Please feel free to contact us.
  • *BBQ enjoyment plan*

    Why don't you enjoy BBQ with friends and friends who are well known in the various natures of each season?
      (You can also enjoy fireworks and stars)

    ☆ BBQ fee:Normal accommodation plan fee (1 night 2 meals) + 1,500 yen / person.
       (The same applies to the training camp)
    ☆ For self-catering at a rental villa, 2,500 yen / person will be charged.