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Enjoy, experience nature in the sky of the Pension Village at an altitude of 1500m, mind and body also refresh!
(Children's sensibility is polished ... Star · Four Season · Exquisite scenery etc.)
  • * Room Charges *

    ◇Children not requiring meals and futons are charged 1,000 yen for infants up to 3 years old.
     (If you have any other requests, please contact us.)
    ◇The accommodation fee for the following period is separately set.(General customer)
     ·, May GW(+300 yen)
     ·, Obon Season·New Year's Holiday (+800 yen···Children 50% Off!)
    ◇In the winter season (from December to March), a heating fee of 1,000 yen per night will be incurred per room.
    ◇Alcoholic beverages can be brought in, but in principle, beer is ordered for adults.
    ◇Please inquire in advance if you stay over 10 people or staying continuously.
    ※If you cancel your reservation on the day of your stay, you will be charged 100% of the room charge, the previous day's cancellation 50%, the last day 30%, the cancellation 10 weeks before the previous week as a cancellation fee I will.
  • * Shiroi Tsubasa, Cheering accommodation plan(standard)*

    It is held in nature of 1,500 m in altitude (sunset over the North Alps, full watching of stars etc.)
    Do not you heal the daily fatigue?
    As a place to charge everyone's vitality to tomorrow, the hotel offers super size "hospitality cuisine" and "relaxation space".Please relax and relax.Ideal for tourist attractions in autumnal leaves, shrines and temples, hot springs!
    ◇1 night 2 food, 7,600 to 7,900 yen/Man
    * One-day onsen is also half price ... (300 yen/Man, Children Below Elementary School Age Free)
     (For continuous stay, One-day hot spring service ... Takufu or Yutago
    * Morning coffee served
    * Golf offering discount available(Corporate member rate)
    * Lift ticket discount · Day nursery free, Adult: 2,800 yen / day, Children are always free
  • * More than 10 consecutive accommodation plan *

    Special Advantages≫, The accommodation fee is in accordance with the training fee.

    Why do not you plan a night-end party, a class meeting, a celebration party, etc. by staying.We will offer you "bath" surrounded by cypress and "super hospitality dish" as a place to deepen your ties with your friends and charge the vitality for tomorrow.Please consider.
  • * Rugby / Football Cheering plan *

    ◇Rugby / Football aid accommodation plan, One night breakfast box lunch·With day trip hot spring: ¥ 7,500(tax included)

    We support parents of summer rugby / soccer camp (middle school, high school, university etc).
    While busy, I want to support my son's hard work with my family · I will support the hotel such as when I want to spend a single stay at a training camp without a regular room.
    After cheering, it is also perfect for those who are busy with cheering from the morning, the next morning, with a sweat on the hot spring hot springs at the hot spring restaurant! (Breakfast, watching and supporting while scrambling onigiri lunch etc. ... Hang in there son!)
    * We will provide accommodations (rooms) other than those mentioned above as necessary.(BBQ is also possible) ... Please feel free to contact us.
  • * Golf favorite customer plan *

    Offering a "preferential ticket" of "Sugadaira Green Golf", the highest altitude golf course in Japan, where you can see the superb view of the North Alps at the following rates.(We will arrange golf course as well)

    ◇Preferential price(In the case of 2014)
      Period/Charge, "Corporate member commission fee"

    ◇4/24 to 6/30, 10/1 to 11/23
     Anytime: 6,300 yen / 1R

    ◇7/1 to 9/30
     Weekdays: ¥ 7,500/1R, Saturday·Sunday·public holiday: ¥ 10,500/1R

    * According to 'Sports Everybody plan' for details
  • * BBQ Fulfillment plan *

    Why do not you enjoy BBQ with various friends and friends in various nature, every season? (You can also enjoy fireworks / stars full of stars, etc.)

    ○BBQ Fee: 1,500 yen/People plus ... In the case of two meals per night
     In case of training camp, it is 1,000 yen / person.