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  2. Benefits of the hotel·A smile

Benefits of the hotel·A smile

* Privilege of the hotel *

  • 【All seasons】
    ●One-day hot-spring hot-spring discount 300 yen / person (Yukkurando Jippuku-no-yu · Yukkurando)
    ●Morning coffee·Parking·Free wireless LAN

    【Green season】
    ●Available at Sugadaira Green Golf 's "Preferential ticket"
    ●There is a discount for use of Cross Country Mine-no-hara Plateau

    【White season】
    ●Ski rental (1,000 yen / day set if the boots of the hotel meet the feet)
    ●Sledding in our garden / Snowshoe experience / Kumakura making free
    ●Mine-no-hara Plateau ski resort(Current:Rebuilding)
     ○Lift ticket discount, (Adult(s)), 1 day ticket: 4,200 yen ⇒ always 3,600 yen
                  2 day ticket: ¥ 9,900 ⇒ Always 6,800 yen
            (~ Elementary school student): Always free
     ○nursery (This season is not in operation)

【The hospitality of the hotel】

  • ◇Hand made dishes using local seasonal ingredients (wild vegetables · Sugadaira's highland vegetables · Homemade Nozawa vegetables)
    ◇Barbeques & fireworks festival watching the setting sun setting in the North Alps fringe from our garden
    ◇A sunny sky is full of stars & shooting star
    ◇Ideal as a summer resort for summer!
    ◇In the autumn, meal & BBQ looking at the maple of the hotel garden and maple
    ◇Sled during the winter in the garden, infants, children, daddy and mommy are making a fuss

* Customer's smile and relax *

  • Group photo after the summer camp in H 291 weeks (This group that turns a spicy camp back into this smile is not just a thing!
  • End the sports coverage activities of the university for 4 years! The satisfaction that we have achieved from this smile is transmitted.Cherish this bond from now on!
  • "W" leap! ···H29 after summer training camp
  • After going through a summer camp and go to production!
  • Eat well and sleep well under a cool environment, aim for "second Ichiro"! ... I also help with guidance
  • Business associates athletes! Training steadily towards ourselves and our team's goals.... Its ability is infinite
  • Former professional baseball, Ishige players and friends "Ishige Cup" Fellowship and ties of the day before!
  • The next day (AM) where you enjoyed skiing, sledge playing at the hotel's slopes (garden) ...
    Both adults and children are making fuss!
  • In the evening of summer, please spend a comfortable summer at around 19 ℃, in the Mine-no-hara Plateau.(Long stay is OK)
    ... Mid July - Mid September
  • Peace sign with smiles smiling with children thinking clear air and open feeling!
  • Friends got together from Kanto gathered together, eat well and play well (Golf) This smile!
  • Train yourself to the world with the youth as a weapon in the original land of the peak!
     There is a march to advance to "realization of dreams"!
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  • Leisurely in our garden "Japanese antelope"
  • Risu's visitor