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Information from the hotel

  • The environment of the hotel and Mine-no-hara Plateau

    • The environment of the hotel and Mine-no-hara Plateau

      Shinshu: Sugadaira / Mine-no-hara Plateau is located in the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park at an altitude of 1,500 m and on sunny days you can enjoy the sunset over the mountains of the North Alps.Why do not you spend your day relaxingly with the clear air and the voices of the little birds in the early morning of the plateau?

      Sports camps such as athletics, rugby, football, baseball etc. are popular in the summer, and recently the nationwide Ekiden team has repeatedly trained in this area and has achieved excellent results of "nationwide No. 1".It is also ideal for watching rugby / football cheering and summer seminars.

      In winter, a magnificent view of powder snow and the North Alps and a full of stars are waiting for you.

      The hotel will serve you with super sized cuisine using local seasonal ingredients.
  • Representative's greetings

    • * Representative greetings *

      We strive to support you according to your purpose.

      ●Sightseeing·Leisure guest
       Enjoy and experience nature at the pension village in the sky at an altitude of 1,500 m, refresh your mind and body!
      (Children's sensibility is polished ... Star · Four Season · Exquisite scenery etc.)

      ●Training camp(Sports/liberal arts)Customers
       Full support of the infinite possibilities of athletes! (Seasonal ingredients and nutrition balance, body care, hot springs, sleep, free space)

      ●Earthquake Response
       Safety and safety correspondence with temporary evacuation / evacuation to Nagano prefecture in case of emergency earthquake! (Ideal as Shinshu inbound base!)
  • * Notice from our hotel (Topics) *

    • Future plan of the hotel (A plan)

      Renewal of the facility / Response to the hotel at the time of the earthquake / new plan, etc. "Concept".

      In the future, we would like to "hospitize" everyone based on the following "idea plan (within 3 years in the future)" and "customer needs" below. If you have any comments or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.  ■, The facility's, Concept plan, □, Sightseeing·Leisure, 1. Day trip with hot spring "Cherry·Grape picking plan", 2. Day trip with hot spring "Nozawaa harvest·Pickle plan", 3. Establishment of "dog run"···It takes time.  □Sports training camp, 1. Re-installation of "tennis / futsal court"···It takes time. 2. "Training gym" and "Small heated pool"···dream, □Other, 1. Review of no meal fee (Cheaper)