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Information from the hotel

  • (Important) Topics

    • Dogs at this facility that sense the customer's "heart" and look into the future(Fu-chan)

      With "environmental maintenance plan" of this facility『Topics Contents]

       At this facility, we will organize and execute the following "concept plan (3 to 5 years in the future)" based on "customer needs", and we want to "hospitate" everyone.【Concept】 □Sports camp ●Training gym●Installation of a small heated pool (dream) □Tourism / Leisure ●Rental villa●Multipurpose open space  □Other ●Renewal in this facility
        … If you have any opinions or requests, please feel free to contact us. 
      【Topics table of contents】
      ■ Maintenance of multipurpose open space  (R4. Scheduled for June)
      ■ Opening of rental villa     (R3 / September completed)
      ■ Complete with corona countermeasure goods  (R2.7 July end)
      ■ Telework environment with 50 additional WiFi  (R2.7 complete)
      ■ Disaster countermeasures by installing solar panels  (R2.7 complete)
      ■ Realize a good night's sleep with a true sleeper, etc. (H31 April completion)
    • Take a good night's sleep in the air of the plateau and the latest bedding.

      Realize a good sleep with "Truth Sleeper / Seven Sparrow"

      Ideal for long sleep, training camp, etc.
        (Charging the vitality for tomorrow with deep sleep) ... Please relax and sleep.

       ■ Latest bedding
        □Truth Sleeper     15 sets 
        □ Mini Truth Sleeper 10 sets
        □Seven pillow       10 sets
            *The number is limited, but please order as needed.

  • Greetings from the representative

    • Greetings from the representative

      At this facility, we try to provide support that suits our customers' purposes.

      ●Tourist / Leisure Customers
       Enjoy and experience nature at a pension village in the sky at an altitude of 1,500 m, and refresh your mind and body!
      (The sensibility of the child is polished ... Stars, four seasons, superb views, etc.)

      ●Customer of training camp (sports / arts)
       Fully support the unlimited possibilities of athletes! (Seasonal ingredients and nutritional balance, body care and hot springs, sleep, free space)

      ●Earthquake disaster response
       In the unlikely event of a disaster, temporary evacuation/evacuation to Nagano Prefecture will provide peace of mind and security! (Ideal as a Shinshu inbound base! )
  • The environment of the hotel and Mine-no-hara Plateau

    • The environment of the hotel and Mine-no-hara Plateau

      Shinshu:Sugadaira / Mine-no-hara Plateau is located in the Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park altitude of 1,500 m, and on a clear day you can enjoy the sunset over the mountains of the North Alps.Why don't you spend the day early in the morning on the plateau with the clear air and the voices of the birds.

      In the summer, sports camps such as athletics, rugby, soccer, and baseball are popular, and recently Ekiden teams from all over the country have trained in this area and have achieved the "Nationwide No. 1" excellent results.It is also ideal for watching rugby / soccer support and summer training.

      In the winter, powder snow, a spectacular view of the North Alps and a starry sky await you.

      The facility will welcome you with super-sized dishes using local seasonal ingredients.