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  • Like today's day will be an anniversary ...

    Try to keep our day as an anniversary, we are working hard with parents and children with a motto of hospitality.
    Please Suishotei to Suishotei. I am waiting from the bottom of my heart.

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Loquat Leaves Esthetic

Toi Onsen

  • About Toi Onsen

    Toi Onsen is the the oldest onsen in Nishiizu Toi Onsen in the oldest onsen in Nishiizu, the "Mabuyu" discovered in the Edo (time period) period is beginning.
    Toi Onsen is a gentle fountain quality to the skin, you can care for the skin with Toi Onsen.
    Efficacy of Toi Onsen extends to variety, such as neuralgia, muscle pain, Utsumi, fatigue recovery and health promotion, wounds, arthritis, is a hot spring that heals the body.
    Please enjoy the Toi Onsen while watching the sea and the sunset in the bath.

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