Suzunami hospitality

For customers who come all the way

In order to make you feel the charm of Toshijima,

We will do our best to provide hospitality.

The best part of the island is seafood.

The service manager himself went to the fish market,

Thinking about each and every customer,

We will buy the best seafood of the day.


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Hotel Name



735 Toshi Town, Toba City, Mie Prefecture

Telephone number



7 minutes walk from Kintetsu, JR Toba Station, approximately 25 minutes by Teikisen to Wagu Sadahama Port Toshi, 3 minutes walk from Wagu Port.

There is a transfer

*You cannot drive to Toshijima by car.

*Turn left at the traffic light immediately after crossing Toba Station, and you will find the municipal parking lot (Shiei Sadahama Parking Lot Number 1) on your right.Please park here.

*When you return, please give out the parking ticket handed to you at this facility and the parking fee will be free.(Toba Shiei Sadahama Parking Lot Number 1)
However, up to 24 hours (if you use it for more than 150 hours, you will be charged 150 yen per hour.)

*It is a 3-minute walk from the hotel Suzunami to Wagu Port

*Free parking at the hotel

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