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Toshijima food at Toshijima.Japanese Spiny Lobster and abalone as well as local seafoods fully ... ...

Fishery and sea and woman 's city Toshijima.
I made use of the seafood and the best ingredients from Ise Bay surrounding the island
The boasting boiled cook has origami, taste and volume folded.
Please fully enjoy the taste of the remote island
  • Two Ise shrimp, Abalone with 2 cocktails

  • Deluxe kaiseki cuisine with boat

  • Kaiseki Meal

  • Two meals of Ise shrimp with a party meal

  • Ise shrimp sashimi and Grilled sizzling abalone meal party meal

  • Ise shrimp, Abalone, Wagyu (Japanese Beef), 3 taste cuisine cuisine

  • Abalone with 2 cocktails