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The island where Musuemori Shun Yoshitaka Kuki sleeps

Toshijima is the largest island in a remote island in Toba City, lost by Battle of Sekigahara,
Walking tours are popular around the historic sites such as Toba castle owner, Yoshitaka Kuki's Kubitsuka and Dotsuka and work scenery such as seaweed at the fishing port.

Easy tours such as strolling behind the streets of the island as is, experiences of sea ladies by sea girls who take root from old days, natural aquariums on uninhabited islands are also popular!

  • < Power spot >

    • 1. Choonji Temple

      The Kannon-do Hall of precious temple Toshi of the people of Choonji Temple Toshi has been enshrined 7 body wooden Buddha, but the whole body is pink, gold, Kannon of the center, which is painted in red and the like in the work of the Heian period, 1972 It was designated as a volunteer cultural asset as "the Sho kannon zou statue".
    • 2. Mitarashi Shrine, Ryujin-san

      The company name "Mitarashi" is related to the "Tarashi" family of the real name of the Empress Jingu"Okinaga Talashi", and that there was God's Toshi the Toshi when "deforestation of Silla"deforestation of Silla"The Chronicles of Japan" Are listed.It is thought that it appeared due to the shrine affiliated with Shinto Empress Jingu who deeply believed the Ryujin which is the god of the sea, and the rust of "Ryujin-san" is rising.Mitarashi God is a god with five men and three girls, which is said to have a benefit of child giving.When worshiping with a couple and dedicating a pair of abalone, a child with a beautiful eyes is given.
    • 3. Hachiman Shrine

      There is Hachiman Shrine praying for the safety of the sea walking across the small Hachiman Bridge.It is the guardian deity of the island.On the lunar calendar January 18th, Yumi-hiki Shinto ritual (Horyo occasion) will also be held.Islanders are God who is highly appreciated by calling "Hachiman-san"tanka engraved on a monument is also a tanka engraved on a monument Kakinomoto no Hitomaro On the small peninsula of Tafushi, are the people of Ohmiya cutting tamamo today? Kakinomoto no Hitomaro's "On the small peninsula of Tafushi, are the people of Ohmiya cutting tamamo today?" (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves Volume 1).
  • < Beach >

    • Wagu Sunshine Beach

      The Sunshine Beach is a beautiful beach where the blue sky and the blue sea make the crystal clearly reminiscent of the tropical land from 5 to 6 minutes on foot from the hotel.There is an infant swimming pool and it is just right for those with children, and there are many people who are used by families.Good quality of water and yellow-brown sand beach are also features of this beach.
    • Oma-no-hama beach

      It is a natural beach with a rocky place.

    • Odoshi Shirahama Beach(Sunday Beach)

      Opened in 2005.It is clean sea water with high transparency.A natural landscape surrounded by the sea and the mountains.There is a small pool for small children.Anyway it's a well-being Private beach mood!
      Family orientation★★★
      You can also fish just beside the beach.It is OK to play at the low tide.
  • < Tourist attractions >

    • Sengoku no Oto, Yoshitaka Kuki's sad romance

      The warrior of the Warring States era military commander, Yoshitaka Kuki, had set up a main castle in Toba.Oda, Toyotomi, I made a number of martial arts.Keicho 5th I will join Mitsunari camp in Battle of Sekigahara's Battle of Sekigahara.My son Moritaka was to Moritaka his father-in-law to Ieyasu Tokugawa's team.Nishijin loses Yoshitaka escapes to this island and draws himself into a stone Tosenji Temple.My son Moritaka wishes Ieyasu Tokugawa to ask for advice, but he is injured.Was it sad in the heart of Yoshitaka the world?Did not you like to live as a loser but as a disappointment?Right now, there are two tombs, Dotsuka and Kubitsuka.At least the neck alone can remember the kindness of the villagers buried at the top of the cape where the sea can be seen.
    • Yoshitaka Kuki grave, Kubitsuka

      The head of Yoshitaka Kuki's head is enshrined in "Kubitsuka" of Yoshitaka Kuki grave first built building Mountain peak.After the self-sword, the torso part was buried in Hirakami-an (Dotsuka), the neck was subjected to the examination under Ieyasu Tokugawa of Fushimi Castle, it is said that it was buried here after having been brought back.(Toba City Board of Education)
    • Yoshitaka Kuki grave, Dotsuka

      In The first Toba castle owner, (1600 from 1542) Yoshitaka Kuki who was active as Prefect of the naval force is, in the Battle of Sekigahara, but was attached to the western military side, led by Mitsunari Ishida lost the fight, own sword in the same Izumi hermitage of here Toshi Island Wagu did.Dotsuka remaining here is one whose children Moritaka 5 Keicho (1600), which those built Yoshitaka grandchildren Takasue was rebuilt in 1669 year (1669).(Toba City Board of Education)
    • Hoshi Saigyo’s tanka engraved on a monument

      Toshi the western tip of the Toshi there is an unusual tunnel (Odoshi Tunnel) in the isolated island.Odoshi Tunnel the stone beach in front of the Odoshi Tunnel, a tanka engraved on a monument Hoshi Saigyo is built."In Sagashima's pebble white was lured to the Tafushi beach where the waves were high Takashi, Sagashima's pebble white was lured to the Tafushi beach where the waves were high" (1180 "Sankashu")
    • Kaniana Tomb

      The ancient tomb is located at an altitude of 28 m.In the lateral hole type stone room, the upper half of the ceiling rock and the stone room has already been lost, but the long long-necked bottle which is said to have been made around the 7th century has been excavated.This pottery has a reputation as a representative of Japanese westernization of the Nara period Sueki, and was designated as an important cultural asset of the country in 1999 and is currently preserved in the Tokyo National Museum.
    • Iwayama Kofun Tumulus

      The ancient tomb remains at a height of about 80 m at the Mountain peak where the rock room remains almost perfect.It is a circular mound with a diameter of 22 m and a height of 2.5 m.The interior opens in south-southeast and is a double-sleeved stone room with a total length of 8.7 m, with large 6 rocks on the ceiling.Although there are no sideburns left, it is one of the few ancient burial mounds that keeps the prototype of the stone group as it is among numerous tombs in the city.(Toba City designated designated cultural property, Designation of historic sites, November 21, Showa 44)
    • Toshi Lighthouse

      Toshi fishing port is a white lighthouse protruding into the Toshi fishing port.It is crowded with fishing points from inside and outside the prefecture where fish caught by Ise Bay fish and Kuroshio are caught throughout the year.
    • Walking down lanes

      Why do not you take a walk around the Toshijima of Toshijima leisurely? On the island there are customs that are slightly strange and unique.You should find something that you can not meet in a few days
  • < Experience spot >

    • fishing

      Toshijima is also famous as a good fishing spot.Not to those who like fishing, it is also recommended for family and beginners.It's okay with hands! There is also a rental parlor on the island.
    • Experience the sea lady

      You can experience nature at Toshijima, one of the four manned remote islands in Toba City.You can experience the enclosure of the hearth in an old ocean cottage.
  • < Highlights >

    • Ise Jingu

      Festival of the Amaterasu Omikami, it is said that the foundation is the era of Emperor Suinin.The main shrine is made only by the ancient Japanese architecture called Shinmei-zukuri Myeokaku, and the harsh atmosphere surrounded by deep company with 800 years old cedar forest grows gives quiet impression to the worshipers.
    • Ise Jingu Inside Miyamae Okabe Okagecho

      Edo · Meiji The shops that reproduced the original townscape are joining together and it is a lively street just a pleasant walk.From the taste of established goods, you can experience famous products, history, customs and humanity at once, eating walking and shopping are enriched.
    • Toba Aquarium

      There are numerous experience zones such as sea lion performance show, Kingdom of Sea Animals, Coral reef diving, sea of Iseshima, Japanese sea etc.In the mermaid sea zone, the world's only couple of legendary mermaids dugongs can be seen.
    • Shima Spain Village

      See, play, eat, experience fun Spain.Experiences large parade, characters' shows, marine adventure trips and screaming machines.There are restaurants, confectionery workshops and shops where you can enjoy authentic taste, and there are plenty of fun.
    • Toba Bay

      A regular ferry passing through the Dolphin Island and the front of the Pearl Island and the aquarium, about the most scenic "Shima no Matsushima"course in Toba Bay.You can enjoy three kinds of Ryugujo palace Ryugujo, season and flower mermaid.
    • Mikimoto Pearl Island

      It is an island related to Kokichi Mikimoto who made cultured pearls the first in the world to succeed.