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Google Map

Hotel Name

Tabi no Yado, Saikawa


8-1 Miyashita, Itadome, Kuroishi City, Aomori Prefecture

Telephone number



Tohoku Expressway Kuroishi IC Get off at Tohoku Expressway Kuroishi IC, 15 minutes to Towadako

Pick-up presence (condition)
If you wish, please contact us directly.
TEL: 0172-54-8308
  • We have pick-up service

    (It may not be possible to pick up and transfer depending on reservation time.Please note)
    I will be waiting at Kuroishi Station so I will arrive at Kuroishi Station in 30 minutes if I call you at Hirosaki station departing Hirosaki station to Konan Railway Kuroishi Station.
  • In case of using JR · bus

    Konan Railway 30 minutes from JR Hirosaki Station
    Kuroishi Station from Konan Bus 30 minutes
    50 minutes from Hirosaki station

    Kuroishi Onsen Village Onsen Tour "Dosayusa Go"(Konan Bus Co Ltd)
    Kuroishi Station to Kuroishi Onsen Village (Get off at Tsugaru Traditional Craft Museum) ⇔ Niji no Ko (Aoni Onsen) ⇔ Nurukawa Onsen
    Wherever you get from where you descend it is a round-trip ticket of 500 yen.Moreover, it is effective for two days from departure so you can relax and enjoy the ladder of the hot spring.Konan Bus Co Ltd TEL: 0172-32-2241
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Route 102 for Hirosaki from about 15 minutes, turn right on Kuroishi - Route 102.Approximately 15 minutes to Towadako.


    About 35 minutes from JR Hirosaki Station
    About 10 minutes from Kuroishi IC
    About 60 minutes from Towadako
    Approximately 60 minutes from JR Aomori Station
    About 45 minutes from Aomori Airport
    About 20 minutes from Jogakura Ohashi Bridge
  • When using an airplane

    40 minutes by car from Aomori Airport