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Surrounding tourist information

  • Kawaguchiko Lake, Tourist links

    • Fujikawaguchiko General Tourist Information Website

      Mt. Fuji, Kawaguchiko Lake, Tourist information of Saiko Lake.
      "Jukai Nature Guide Tour", "Herbs Festival", "Kojosai Fireworks Display" etc.
    • Kawaguchiko Society of Commerce and Industry

      Kawaguchiko Society of Commerce and Industry Portal Site.
      Tourist information around Saiko Lake Kawaguchiko Lake and Saiko Lake, leisure guides such as hot springs and fishermen's coopers,
      Full of information such as hotels, inns, pensions and other accommodations!
    • Fuji Subaru Line

      We are informing of Fuji Subaru Line's opening hours and road conditions.
    • Official Web Site for Mt Fuji Climbing

      A comprehensive site for Fuji climbing by the Ministry of the Environment, Yamanashi prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture.
      We will deliver the information necessary for climbing Mt. Fuji climbers.
    • kofu no yado, Asafuji

      Kawaguchiko Lake · Ryokan "kofu no yado / Asafuji" is a warm warmth of a small inn,
      I will tell you about it.
    • Hotel Koryu

      Mt Fuji and Kawaguchiko Lake show the seasons vividly.
      It is an inn that you can enjoy hot springs surrounded by such nature.
    • Outback

      Approach to Mt Fuji and Aokigahara Jukai based on Kawaguchiko Lake
      We are proposing an original tour.
    • Fujikyu Highland

      JIYAMA, Dodonpa, Super·List of attractions such as Senritsu Meikyu, Information on Thomas Land etc.
    • Fujiten Snow Resort

      Fujiten Snow Resort.It is the best ski resort because it has a high sunny weather rate near the city center.
    • Kawaguchiko Music Forest Home Page

      Kawaguchiko Music Forest Home Page - Top Page
    • Fuji Subaru Land Doggypark

      Grand Park.Events, discount tickets etc information and debate corner.
    • Fuji Monkey no Sato Kawaguchiko Lake Monkey Musashi Theater

      Kawaguchiko Lakeshore.Performing time, Schedule, Information on the theater facilities.
    • Kawaguchiko Craft Park

      Make glass, Experience such as pottery.
    • Blueberry Village Kawaguchiko Lake Natural Living House

      Picking out blueberries, Jam making experience class etc.Q & A about blueberries as well.
    • Yuki Atae - Kawaguchiko Muse Museum

      Introduction of works, Facility information etc.
    • Itchiku Kubota Art Museum

      Itchiku Kubota Art Museum Itchiku Tsujigahana introduces Itchiku Kubota Art Museum Itchiku Tsujigahana.
    • Kawaguchiko Lake, Stellar Theater

      Mt Fuji can be seen beyond the movable stage in the mortar-shaped auditorium space.
    • Oishi Tsumugi Traditional Crafts Museum

      Born from the life of Fujikawaguchiko (Oishi), which tells the old skills to the present
      We are exhibiting textiles nurtured by history.