Yamashiro Onsen Tatami, lodge wtih open-air baths and exquisite cuisine
An inn where you can enjoy private open-air baths and delicious seasonal Creative Kaga cuisine

【Official】Yamashiro-Spa Saika no Yado Tatami

Welcome to Cuisine inn Tatami that opened by ryotei (restaurant) in Yamashiro Onsen, Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture

70 years ago from now.The predecessor, Tatami Saburo, who was a chef, had a small restaurant at Yamashiro onsen.
At that time, while nurturing many chefs, they catered to Yamashiro onsen and Ryokan Inn in Yamanaka Onsen.
At the hot spring inns at that time, the food was not cooked in the inn, and the food was usually catered from the restaurant.

One day, one word of regular person gave me a chance to go from a restaurant to an inn.
That was the beginning of Yamashiro Onsen Tatami that is only cuisine inn opened by ryotei (restaurant) in Yamashiro onsen.

to enjoy the Creative Kaga cuisine of Yamashiro Onsen Tatami, we offer hospitality centered on cuisine in ryote(restaurant) with private rooms, or meals served in the room for both breakfast and dinner.
From the thought of the taste of the restaurant also to small children, it is also available for families and pregnant women dedicated maternity plan of a baby in Tatami start with children.

The Yamashiro onsen boasts a history of 1300 years since its opening, and it is a private open-air bath with a luxurious space and a large public bath that you can enjoy 24 hours a day.
Hot spring "footbath" that heals the fatigue of legs who are tired of sightseeing.Rooms that can be selected according to the purpose of the trip, including rooms with a semi-open-air bath that flows directly from the source.
We are counting on you to enjoy Hokuriku Kaga trip with your valued person.

Hotel Facilities

  • Lobby / front desk

    "Welcome back" May you feel at ease.

    Foot bath or private outdoor bath, relaxingly in comfortable space.

    Please spend a peaceful time.

  • Stone Sauna

    Private room bedrock bath "Nukuine" is a low-temperature healing sauna recommended for those who value private relaxation.

    ※Reservations are accepted on the day.

  • Foot bath

    If you get tired of walking for sightseeing, just refresh yourself with a footbath for about 10 minutes and your body will feel warm and your feet will feel light.

    Please have a good time while talking.

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