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Tradition.And, Innovation

New attempt not to be bound by frame
The answer is Sabroso, a Creative Kaga cuisine.

"I thought that rice cuisine was the same anywhere.But it was more than I expected."

"I want to eat again.It was the first time for me to find a cuisine that I could think of."

  • Kaga cuisine that many people say "I want to eat again"

    Original Kaga Cuisine sabroso, sabroso, is the special feeling of succession from the predecessor, Saburo, who put a sincere passion for cooking,
    It is a dish that you can taste the delicious ingredients of Kaga in season instead of Spanish with the meaning "rich in taste".

    Creative Kaga cuisine that was devised to provide specials at Yamashiro onsen. Innovation not bound by the tradition and framework born in Ryoten.
    Kaga Cuisine sabroso is the rich taste cuisine that uses ingredients from Kaga, Ishikawa.

    While pulling out the taste of the ingredients gently, the taste of dishes not overly claiming, the beautiful appearance that women are pleased with.
    And we will offer creative cuisine that does not adhere to the framework of Japanese cuisine to stick to the flow of cooking so that you can enjoy all the dishes.

    The thoughts put into the Kaga Cuisine sabroso is the special feeling of succession from the predecessor who put a sincere passion for cooking,
    It is also a challenge to Tatami new tastes.
  • New taste created by young chief chef with 15 years of cooking experience

    I would like to make dishes that I can pass through nationwide in Kaga.
    By predecessor with a sincere passion for cooking, it began the first step as Tatami Cuisine Ryokan
    After that, Tanaka inherits the attitude of this chief chef for 43 years, and it reaches today.

    "I want you to enjoy hot dishes even in your room"
    Cooking is fresh.How can you taste the freshly made?  This is a very important theme.

    Board of kitchen where customer's desired dinner time is written.
    Head Chef Tanaka who checks the board many times.

    Because, based on that time, we will prepare the next dish in increments of minutes.
    In the kitchen where you can not see your face, feel the pace of your meal.
    This is the experience of Tanaka's first training at a restaurant.
  • Local Kaga, rich material blessings

    Yamashiro Onsen Tatami is rated as a delicious inn is because the local Ishikawa and Kaga are rich in materials.

    For example, Kaga Vegetables.Kaga Vegetables are rare vegetables produced in limited areas of Ishikawa Prefecture.
    Hashidate Port and Kanazawa Port.Depending on the season, seasonal fish are also abundantly landing at the local fishing port with a bottom net.
    In the Kahoku Region, Ishikawa Prefecture where the previous generation was born and raised, health pork has been raised under rich nature.

    Each one is by no means a high-class ingredient.
    However, because there are seasonal ingredients from local producers, it is worth Yamashiro onsen.

    In addition, the challenge of taste that goes beyond the sum of Tatami.  
    That is the characteristic of the Kaga cuisine sabroso.
  • Two food spaces to spend time remaining in the mind

    There are two types of dining places at Yamashiro Onsen TatamiRoom Rates · The dishes offered are the same, but the location of the meal is different.
    Let me show you the difference between the two food spaces.

    ~Freshly cooked dishes that can be enjoyed in private space ~ Horigotatsu (Japanese sunken seating) style private room restaurant "Saika-an"
    A Private room restaurant Saika-an, where you can taste freshly made, is especially designated for repeaters who are familiar with travel.
    However, Limited to five pairs a day.There is no need to raise the futon before breakfast, so you can relax until the last minute of breakfast and oversleep in the morning, which is unique to a private room restaurant.
    As the number of rooms is limited, we recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible if you wish.

    -Don't get in the water with your loved ones, even with small children-Morning and evening meals
    Basically, room meals are used for both dinner and breakfast.
    You can enjoy leisurely with meals without having to worry about other customers.
    (Depending on the number of guests you may be preparing a separate room in another room) ※Wakan Room"Mebae", only private dining room meal diet
  • Finally

    Reservation is here
    Thank you so much for having a long talk.

    It was a trial and error repetition with the chief chef before I reached this dish.And I noticed.

    What is the style of a dish that makes people feel happy while having a happy moment of eating.

    It is our pleasure to have our customers say "I want to eat again!".
    Regardless of how many times you come, we arrange a menu for each season, so that the chief chefs themselves can enjoy new cuisine each time.
    We promise you that you will enjoy the Kaga cuisine sabroso and make an important memory of your trip, and we are looking forward to your reservation.
  • Hakusan Rice, Koshihikari

    "In full stomach, carelessly, you change and want to become ..." it is said to be, Tatami rice.
    Kaga's agricultural corporation · Rokusei raised it with a rush of water and air from the soil making it delicious rice field.
    The chewy texture, luster, aroma, and the natural sweetness of rice make it even more appealing to famous restaurants in Tokyo.
    Yamashiro Onsen Tatami, specially cultivated rice “Hakusan Koshihikari” grown with more than half of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is served for dinner and breakfast.

  • Imura Soy Sauce Kaga Soy Sauce

    Imura Soy Sauce Company in Miki Town, Kaga CityThis is the soy sauce that the chief chef has tried and selected.
    For over 100 years, the long-established Kaga Soy Sauce that keeps on keeping the traditional recipe faithfully, is well suited to the climate of Hokuriku, so for example, when boiled fish, suppress the fish smell of fish It is said that the taste will rise.
    Kaga's soy sauce is characterized by its sweetness and taste, it fits well for sashimi.The local Kaga seasoning further enhances the deliciousness of Kaga's ingredients, so it's indispensable for Tatami dishes.

  • Hot spring water

    Tatami, we offer original dishes using some of the springs approved by the public health center, specially for drinking.
    Fountain quality is alkaline simple fountain.When you drink with coffee or water, the coffee has no spicy taste, and the water split is characterized by the mouthfeel feeling mild.
    A dish that can enjoy a mellow taste quite different from tap water, for example, a popular hot spring shabu-shab, has no voice of Dashi, so we have received a voice that you can eat deliciously until the dish cooker.
    ※Source is used only for dishes.

  • Toshiyuki Tanaka

    from Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
    Work hard to create dishes using technique and flexible talent larned by practice with the master of cooking Tadamichi Ota


    Whether the food is tasty or not depends on whether you use fresh and fine ingredients.But even more important is the cook's passion, "I want you to eat delicious food!"If the chef has a passion, I will spare no effort to cook and add glamorous delicacy to the dish.I am confident that the passion of "I want our customers to eat delicious food!" Is second to none.To taste the home cooking of my passion, please come to Tatami Yamashiroonsen.