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Hot Springs

Yamashiro onsen, A feature of Tatami baths.

This is to enjoy the wonderful spring quality of Yamashiro onsen while emphasizing openness and private feeling.

Let's talk about bathing from now.

  • Private Open Air Bath

    Yamashiro Onsen Tatami's private open-air bath is a popular bath that is used by about 80% of guests.
    As you can rent out a spacious space as a customer's own hot spring, we are especially pleased with the couple and families' guests.

    At the same time 10 luxurious spacious sizes

    Hot spring bath hours
    Free time 6:30 to 9:30※There is no charter system in the morning.I put it freely as an outdoor bath separately for men and women.(Free open)

    Charter time 15:00 to 23:00


    Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cleansing foam, shaving foam, men's emulsion, hair liquid, hair tonic
    Women's lotion, milky lotion, hair dryer※Hair dryer is free to rent at the front desk


    A lot of efficacy for women hot springs

    Smooth skin texture, gentleness of hot water, moisturizes the skin, it transfers warmly in the mind as well.

    Momentum with a loved one, feeling of liberty of one's own.

    Please relax and enjoy.


    To customers with baby

    There are also Koohwan that you can use at the changing room.
    In case of needing, please do not hesitate to tell us.
    Baby soap that can wash the whole body is also available.

    Usage fee
    Price 45 minutes per place ¥ 3,000(Up to 5 people)※It is reservation system
  • Large Communal Bath

    “The hot water is soft and you can feel the smooth skin,” Tatami hot springs that are especially appreciated by female customers.

    Relax and soaked in hot water relaxingly in a calm atmosphere.Male baths and female baths can take a bath for 24 hours.It is the real pleasure of a hot spring trip to put in a hot spring whenever you want to enter.

    We are also preparing important skin care goods for bathing skin, so that you can enjoy hot springs with cool colored mineral water or hand-held for moisture supplementation of the bath.

    Place 1st floor/Men's public baths and women's public baths

    A large public bath where you can take a bath in 24 hours

    Hot spring bath hours
    Hours of use 24 hours(AM 10: 30-11: 30 Cleaning time)


    [For men]Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shaving foam, shave
    [For women]Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cleansing foam, lotion, milky lotion, cotton, cotton swabs, shower cap

  • Private bedrock bath"Nukuine"(Nukui Ne)

    Relax with aroma and music Low temperature healing sauna with less burden on the body

    It is a low-temperature healing sauna that takes in natural energy into the body by lying on a warm natural ore of 40 ° C to 45 ° C, which is slightly higher than the body temperature, in a space of quietly flowing BGM and a slightly fragrant aroma.

    It is said that various actions such as far infrared rays and negative ions activate metabolism and warm the body, so that autonomic nerves, immunity, and hormones work normally, and the body's original health maintenance ability is enhanced.

    Hot spring bath hours
    Available time 15:15 to 23:40
    Complete private room style that cherished private

    Only private bedrock bath in Yamashiro onsen.
    It is possible to use by one person, female, couple or couple.
    You will not be with other guests, so you can relax and enjoy the bedrock bath.

    Bed type bedrock bathing effect that used two stones

    There are two types of natural stones."Radium ore" and "Bakuhanseki" Warmed natural stones emit far infrared rays, negative ions, trace amounts of radiation, etc., and just by lying down leisurely, they are warmed from the core of the body and blood circulation It will get better.
    As a result of this, metabolism advances, you can expect a detox effect to discharge waste products and toxins by a large amount of sweating.
    In addition, it is said that it also enhances immunity, activating the natural power that the body originally possesses, anti-aging effect is drawing attention.
    So, it is said that the sweat which comes out in the rock bath brings out beautiful skin effect as a natural cream.


    Unfortunately, it may not be suitable for those who are expected to be hot and humid like a sauna.This is because Nukuine does not force you to sweat by making the room hot and humid.

    As we sweat naturally from the body, we keep room temperature of gentle warmth."Nukuine" is a private room, so you can spend a relaxing time on a warm natural stone.

  • Foot bath

    A hot spring that warms up in 10 minutes.
    When standing work continued, when I walked a lot.On the contrary when you are sitting ...
    The hot spring effect can be felt as jiwiwa "hot spring footbath"
    It will feel like refreshing and legs are lighter as if treated with aroma oil.

    "The whole body has become shaky."
    "My feet are refreshing and lightened."

    Hot spring footbath where such a voice can be heard.
    Please take a bath, while looking at the leisurely green scenery.

    Legs are also a hot spring of expectation "footbath" Talking while having a good time

  • Gastrointestinal friendly gentle hot springs

    The source of the hotel is a hot spring which can be drunk under the permission of the public health center.It is a hot spring where you can activate gastrointestinal activity when you drink and hear voices such as "Communication improved."

    The mouth is also very mild.If you divide shochu or whiskey with hot spring water, you can enjoy a mellow taste that is different from tap water.

    The hotel uses "some hot springs to drink" for some dishes and offers it to customers.

    Features of the Tatami hot springs

  • "The effect creating beautiful legs" and "Low stimulation" recognized by Central Hot Spring Research Institute

    pH 8.74 Alkaline spring quality helps reincarnate the skin.
    It is a hot spring that enhances the power that your skin has inherently and is pleasantly smooth skin effect.
    And the moisturizing effect that can be said to be a natural lotion.Yawahada no yu that people with sensitive skin can be enjoy at ease.
    You can feel your skin moisturized more than usual as the bath rises.

    Features of Tatami hot springs

  • It was known for a long time.What is its source?

    Yamashiro onsen Akechi Mitsuhide, is said to have stayed in healing the body that was injured in the war.
    The predecessors already knew the wonder of hot spring power.
    Yosano Akiko said, “The fun of playing in Yamashiro's hot water is, for example, the blue of Kokutani.” Kitaoji Rosanjin became interested in the ceramic art in Kutaniyaki Kamamoto(kiln) at Yamashiro Onsen.
    Spatial power that expanded the talent as an artist and inspired them.Good quality of fountain and cultural appeal have been inherited all the time, and it has reached today.

    Features of the Tatami hot springs

Hot Springs

Yamashiro onsen

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including change of time) · Available for private use)

Private Bath


Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[Indoor bath]Man:1 woman:1 Mixed bathing:0
[Sauna]Man:0 woman:0 mixed bathing:0

Other bath facilities


Bath usage conditions

★Japanese style "Kikuka-no-yu"★Japanese style "Ran-no-yu"

Onsen tax

Hot spring tax Adults 150 yen will be charged separately.