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  2. Seven attractions

Seven attractions

We introduce seven of the charm of Tatami

1. Two extra luxurious private outdoor baths

  • We are equipped with a spacious and extravagant private outdoor bath which is very popular among lovers, families.

2. Creative cuisine "Sarosso" created by Ryoten Ryori Ryokan

  • “Sabroso” is a Japanese / Western mixed dish created without being bound by the form and passion for the appearance and taste of the customer. Enjoy other ingredients, Japanese techniques, and new ideas by Head Chef Tanaka

3. A spa where gastrointestinal-friendly drinking springs are possible

  • A spa where gastrointestinal-friendly drinking springs are possible
    For gastronomy we use gentle intensive hot spring water.
    We are using the hotel's hot spring which is said to be good for the stomach and intestines as part of the dish.

    (The picture is hot spring miso saucepan)

Four. Private room meals and private restaurants

  • For meals, there is also a plan where you can choose a room meal or a private restaurant.
    This is a great trip, so please enjoy your meal leisurely.

Five. Complete with Yamashiro onsen only private bedrock bath

  • Yamashiro onsen only private bedrock bath.
    Please enjoy detox that does not put a burden on your body.
    Couple / couple campaign!
    Usually 2000 yen per person → 1000 yen(45 minutes)※When using 2 people

6. Prepare a friendly plan for those with babies and pregnant women

  • We have a plan dedicated to customers with babies and pregnant women.

7. Foot bath facilities in facilities

  • Foot bath is installed at the entrance of the facility.
    Please have a relaxing time.