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Surrounding tourism

  • With children

    • Kaga Fruits Land

      In the spacious premises of 250,000 tsubo, you can enjoy various fruit hunting and barbecue every season.

      Tatami 25 minutes by car


    • Shibamasa World

      Theme park in Fukui prefecture.You can enjoy various attractions such as an amusement park and a pool.

      Tatami 60 minutes by car


    • Yunokuni no Mori

      It is a theme park of 130,000 tsubo where you can enjoy more than 50 kinds of traditional craft experiences.

      Tatami 15 minutes by car


    • Ishikawa Zoo

      It is a popular zoo in Ishikawa Prefecture, which you can enjoy from small children, so it is recommended for families.

      Tatami 40 minutes by car


    • Tedori Fish Land

      Amusement parks, Ultraman Studium and pet shops are popular leisurelands.

      Tatami 40 minutes by car


    • Angel Land

      The outdoor lawn plaza is a space where children can fully play,
      Facilities that can enjoy learning indoors by touching science, history and culture are enriched, too.

      It is a popular spot for families in the Fukui / Ishikawa area.

      Tatami 45 minutes by car


    • Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

      A real museum where you can enjoy adults as well as children.

      The whole body skeleton of the dinosaur and gigantic restoration diorama etc are masterpieces.

      You can enjoy the world of dinosaurs.

      Tatami 90 minutes by car


    • Echizen Matsushima Aquarium

      It is a popular aquarium, such as touching with dolphins and walking with penguins.

      You can see about 350 kinds of rare fish.

      The scenic sightseeing spot is also near from Tojinbo.

      Tatami 60 minutes by car


    • Tsukiusaginosato

      Small children is a theme park that also Daiki beauty because the play with a rabbit.

      It is also near from Kaga Interchange.

      Tatami 20 minutes by car


  • Adults can enjoy

    • Kutaniyaki Experience Garally COCO

      It is a space where you can see Kutaniyaki Kiln artistic scenery.

      Actually getting hands on, you can also experience ceramic art.

      Tatami 10 minutes on foot


    • Iroha Soan

      You can feel the remnants of the time when artists, Kitaoji Rosanjin stayed at Yamashiro onsen.

      When I take a bowl of tea while watching the garden, my mind glows.

      Tatami 8 minutes on foot


    • Kutaniyaki Kamaato Tenjikan(kutani ware kiln ruins exhibition hall)

      It is a facility that exhibits the remains of kilns inherited from Miyadaya and Kutani main kilns from Yoshidaya, where the old Kutani was revived.

      Tatami 5 minutes by car


    • Yamashiro onsen·Soyu

      A public bath that anyone can enjoy easily.Local Kutaniyaki Kiln artist This is a hand-drawn Kutaniyaki Kiln tile bath.
      Opening Hours:6:00 to 22:00
      (New Year's holiday changed)
      Regular holiday:On the 4th Wednesday morning
      Charge:Adults 420 yen, middle-aged 130 yen, children 50 yen

      Tatami 10 minutes on foot


    • Yamashiro onsen·Soyu

      Temporary slip bathing method in the Meiji (time period) era can also taste the atmosphere of the old Soyu.
      It is a "Experience-style Onsen Museum" where you can enjoy the history and culture of Onsen.
      ※Since it is old-fashioned, there is no shower.It is a hot spring where you enjoy relaxing and hot water.
      Opening Hours:6:00 to 22:00
      (New Year's holiday changed)
      Regular holiday:On the 4th Wednesday morning
      Charge:Adults 500 yen, middle-aged people 200 yen, children 100 yen

      Tatami 10 minutes on foot


    • Hazuchio Gakudo

      In the tea shop, you can taste Japanese sweets such as "Kusamochi Zenzai" and "dumpling" and "Milk soft-serve ice cream ".

      In the souvenir shop, accessories with good sense and seasonings such as Kaga are on sale.

      Tatami 10 minutes on foot


    • Yakuoin Onsenji Temple

      Gyoki the beginning of the Yakuoin Onsenji Temple was built for the hot springs patron.

      lots of cultural assets including the statue of Juichimen Kannon(eleven-headed Kannon) made in the early Heian time period.

      Tatami 8 minutes on foot


    • Hattori Shrine

      It is the god of the fabric and the guardian of the Yamashiro is enshrined.

      Tatami 8 minutes walk