【Official】Tatsumiya Ryokan

Beppu ground of Beppu, scenic Kannawa Hot Springs.For sightseeing, relaxing on hot spring treatment, please relax.

All rooms can use optical broadband internet via Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) (free)!

Accommodation Features·Free Gift

  • entrance

    Inn located in the center of Ikuzaka
    Warm atmosphere of iron rings
  • front desk

    Flowers lined with service managers lined up in the facility
  • Dining Hall

    We use seasonal ingredients and cook handmade dishes one item at a time.
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how to access

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Hotel Name

Goyo Yado, Tatsumiya


1 Kumi, Kanawa Furomoto, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Telephone number



7 minutes from Beppu IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Limited to customers of 10 people or more.
It will be closest to the station.
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Welcome to Takeshiya Ryokan

  • Greeting | History of the hotel

    One of Beppu Hot Kannawa Hot Springs Located in the birthplace of Kannawa Hot Springs, the hotel is used as an accommodation for rest, recreation, recreation, education and culture.

    Beginning from "Hibiya", in the Taisho era eight〇At that time of human occupancy, I moved to a large inn, and many famous people in various fields stayed.

    At the time of the Pacific War, it was accepted as a recreation facility of the Army, but after the war ended, we resumed normal business, renovated to the Heisei The First Year and reached the present.

    There are many people coming over for many generations.
    We also use it for various camps and families.

    Please calmly calm down and relax relax.
    I am waiting for your coming from the bottom of my heart.

    Sixth lord owner, Kimura, Kenzo
  • What is "Kibo"

    "Thoroughfare lodge" means that travelers bring food and make firefly payments for themselves, or make them by themselves.

    "Wood" means the price of firewood at this time, that is, "money".
    Before the Edo period, "Kibo" was the original form of accommodation.

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