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Located in the center of Kannawa Hot Springs. A great inn for sightseeing.

Kannawa introduction

  • Kannawa event information

    • Festival

      Kotetsu Kannawa Onsen Festival: In early April
      Yuyu Amitabi Yuami Festival : September 21, 22, 23
      ❁ Autumn Festival: Early October

      ※Pictures are burning of Ogiyama (scheduled for April 8, postponement of rain)
    • Beppu Hatto walk | Kannawa Yukemuri Walk

      ~ On the third Sunday of every month, Kannawa Yukemuri Walk ~

      [Departure] 10:00 Otani Park departure (If you are not a large number, you do not need to make a reservation)
      [Time required] About 2 hours 30 minutes
      • Adult: 700 yen(Guide fee·drink·With a snack)
      • Elementary school student: 350 yen(Guide fee·drink·With a snack)
      • Elementary school students free of charge (provided, however, when snacks / drinks are required, 350 yen)
    • Beppu Hatto Walk | Kannawa Onsen evening Walk

      ~ Every Saturday·Sunday, Kannawa Onsen evening walk ~

      [Departure] 16:00, departure from Hyotan Hot Spring (reservation unnecessary unless it is large number)
      [Time required] About 50 minutes
      • Adult: 500 yen(Guide fee·With a snack)
      • Elementary school student: 250 yen(Guide fee·With a snack)
      • Elementary school students free of charge (provided, however, for snacks, 250 yen)
  • Kannawa collection of tourist links

  • Nearest leisure facility

    • Nearest leisure facility

      • African Safari
      • Kijima Korakuen
      • Harmonyland
      • Umitamago
      • Mt Tsurumidake Beppu Ropeway
    • Nature

      • Shidaka Ko (lake)
      • Kagurameko lake
      • Yufugawa gorge
      • Beppu Park
      • Jumonjibaru plateau
      • Shoningahama Park

      ※Picture is duck boat of Shidaka Ko (lake)
  • Beppu annual event information

    • Beppu annual event information

      January 1, Municipal hot spring Free opening day
      Late January, Mt Tsurumi taikan-gaman (endurance in cold) game
      In early April, Beppu Hatto Onsen Festival
      Mid-June, Kagurameko lake, iris viewing
      Late July, Beppu Summer festival and Fireworks
      Early August, Be-BEPPU Jazz inn
      Mid August, Shidaka Ko (lake) Fire Festival
      Late October, BEPPU Dance Festa
      December 23rd and 24th, Beppu Christmas HANABI Fantasia

      ♨ Every day on the 26th Beppu Hatto day of bath

      ※The picture is the night view of Beppu