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Facility information

1F facility to take pictures

Although it is Okinawa, Hawaiian!

Passion furniture, furnishings, atmosphere are all reminiscent of Tropical Hawaii.

You can enjoy a different atmosphere from Japan.

Facility information

  • I am depicting the way to the sea.

    Speaking of Okinawa and Hawaii is a natural rich sea.I am imagining the way to that sea.

    It is the latest work of a painter who has worked on wall art at various spots in Okinawa.
  • 1F around the front desk

    It is an entrance surrounded by lots of greenery.
  • Entrance & Lobby

    First floor entrance studded with stylish furniture
  • lobby

    Interior that sticks to design attracts an eye.
  • Chair

    It is a design furniture especially sticking to the design.

    Please visit and watch it.
  • sofa

    It is a fashionable sofa of musician design representing Okinawa.

    Sitting comfort is also comfortable and you can taste luxurious mood.
  • The stairs

    It is a staircase leading to the second floor.The retro atmosphere makes me feel like I'm coming abroad.

    There is no elevator in the old building, but please enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Toilet for common use plan translation and washroom

    Dedicated for translation plan, Common area.It is air-conditioned and comfortable.
  • Shared room with translation and shared plan

    For translation plan only, Shared shower room.It is a fashionable shower room of hotel specification.
  • Lush vegetation greets you!

    There is also a stylish mural painting next to the green full entrance.