【Official】HOTEL THE Grandee Shinsaibashi (HOTEL THE Grandee Shinsaibashi)

Namba·A hideaway designer hotel in Shinsaibashi

Higashi Shinsaibashi is the best downtown area in Osaka, full of food and entertainment.
Join hands with an artist and designer and enjoy a unique guest room born of exceptional creativity.


  • "Element of Nature x Chic Oasis"

    【Element of Nature】
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Sat, Light, Sky, Plants, Moon, Sun, etc. Nature is great, with beauty, strength, and ugliness beyond human knowledge

    【Chic Oasis】
    Refined and sophisticated
    A place to heal fatigue and give peace to your heart

    Relaxing time that is in conflict with active time
    Elegant and high-quality space
    By directly or indirectly expressing dynamic and delicate natural elements, our hotel characterizes each space and provides guests with a relaxing place
    An unprecedented hotel with the best quality and time is here


  • Guest rooms created by the originality of designers and artists

    45 unique rooms created with hands from designers and artists

    Each guest room has its own theme and a different design.
    Each guest room has a different atmosphere, so you can enjoy a new space no matter how many times you come.
    A new space welcomes you and offers a time of healing in a sophisticated space.
  • Plant hunter / Sora Botanical Garden representative Seijun Nishihata Produce concept room (711, Room 812)

    Seijun Nishihata

    The fifth generation wholesaler of flowers and plants that has been in operation for 150 years since the end of the Edo period.
    He travels throughout Japan and dozens of countries around the world, collecting thousands of plants.
    He responds to over 2,000 projects annually, including domestic and overseas requests.
    In 2012, he started “Sora Botanical Garden”, and he has developed various projects using plants in various places with many companies and organizations, and has received a good response.
  • Exhibited works by calligrapher Soun Takeda (Room 614)

    Soun Takeda

    Born in Kumamoto in 1975. After graduating from Tokyo University of Science, worked at NTT. He became independent as a calligrapher after about 3 years.
    He has worked on numerous titles such as the NHK Taiga Drama (Long Running Historical Drama) “Tenchijin”, the World Heritage “Hiraizumi” and the world ’s best supercomputer "K".
    With his unique worldview, he has held solo exhibitions nationwide, and has published many publications such as “Tanoshika” and "Kizuna".
    “Positive no Kyokasho (textbook of being positive)” are bestsellers with over 300,000 copies.
    He was appointed as a Japan Cultural Envoy in 2013 and has received various requests from around the world.



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HOTEL THE Grandee Shinsaibashi


1-6-28 Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


About 5 minutes on foot from Osaka Metro"Shinsaibashi Station" Exit 6. Walking distance from “Namba Station”, “Nagahoribashi Station” and “Nippombashi Station”.
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We promise new discovery and satisfaction no matter how many times you visit. We are looking forward to seeing you.