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Ise Shima

~Please choose your favorite dish according to the style of your trip~

Buffet cuisine that you can enjoy from children to elderly people,
At a restaurant with an open kitchen.
A kaiseki cuisine that vividly cooks freshly baked materials,
Serve in a relaxing Japanese style private room.
Please choose your favorite dish according to the style of your trip.
  • Shiki Buffet

    ~A Japanese-style buffet that enjoys freshly prepared foods~

    In the open kitchen, you will enjoy not only the taste but also the sounds and scents to cook noodles such as freshly baked steaks, fried foods, handful sushi and Ise Udon.In addition, special menu of the season recommended by the chief chef, enriched rich desserts! Please enjoy the real pleasure of the buffet that you enjoy as much as you want.
  • Poetry party meeting food

    【Kaoru - Kaoru -】
    It will be a kaiseki course with five season sashimi including Japanese Spiny Lobster and seasonal taste.

    【Aya - Irodori -】
    A Japanese-style & Western-style mixed-season cuisine with western-style gems.Enjoy the taste of fresh materials.

    【Ise Monogatari - Ikemonogari -】
    A monthly alternative kaiseu with Japanese Spiny Lobster.
    Only for guests staying in rooms with outdoor bath
    It will be a special menu.
  • restaurant, Jagura·restaurant, Nobana

    It becomes a chair / table or a table.If you are interested, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • Buffet Breakfast

    ~Warm and friendly Japanese-style buffet awakens~

    Charged "Body cheerful" with a Japanese-style buffet with a variety of ingredients such as egg dishes and grilled fish cooked by the cooking staff in front of customers, curry from morning! We also have plenty of vegetables, fruits and desserts for women.