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Seasonal sum kaiseki

Japanese kaiseki delivering the deliciousness of the season

The best hospitality that uses local ingredients to color four seasons

The Japanese kaiseki created by the chief chef is "Moon kaiseki" using local vegetables and seasonal ingredients.
Please do not forget the time in the leisurely time flow and enjoy the fragrance and coloring of the season to your heart's content.
  • Winter kaiseki

    Menus change every month.
  • Special ingredients Wagyu beef's pottery grill

    Wagyu beef and seasonal vegetables and mushrooms are thickly cut in a pottery grill.
    Please enjoy the soft meat and seasonal ingredients of the chief chef special sauce and Backside Bandai in salt "Yamashio".
  • Breakfast

    In the morning prepare a solid Japanese set menu.
    Taste good cooked Koshihikari and mountain cooks, handmade desserts and relax and enjoy the nature of Bantai Backside Bandai.