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Information on Surrounding Area

  • ■ Surrounding tourism

    • Morning Bridge Modern Art Museum

      The collection of Salvador Dali is substantial and has about 400 items.
    • Lavispa

      Lavispa Land Backside Bandai is located in Sakuragawa Onsen on the Backside Bandai Ridge, is an all-weather resort facility.
      A day trip on the natural hot spring is also possible! Indoor pool fully equipped for all family members!
    • Goshikinuma lake group

      Goshikinuma is formally called the Goshikinuma lake group, and it is composed of several swamps such as Bishamon Swamp, Akanuma, Mido Swamp, Bentenmauma, Ruri Numa, Aonuma etc.
    • Hibara Lake

      Lake Backside Bandai's largest lake "Hibara Lake".Maximum water depth 31 m, Lake shore circumference 31.5km.There is a Hibara hibara Tansho path to explore the shores of Hibara hibara, Hibara hibara visible from between the trees look so beautiful.In winter, a cottage of wakasagi fishing and a dome ship float.
  • ■ Ski Resort Information

    • Gran Deco

      High altitude is high so we recommend good quality powder.The slope is a long run course 4000M.It is wide and wide variety.The 2000 M center course is equipped with snow machines.
    • Cowgirl ski area

      Only Nekoma microfine snow! Mt Bandai cat Matsugatake Mt Bandai, the snow will rise without difficulty on the jet stream.Ultra fine snow(Micro Fine Snow)Emblem of Ura Backside Bandai Coworker ski area.
    • Alts Bandai

      Arts Bandai ski resort boasts the largest scale in the south northeastern ski area.It is a slope that meets the needs of a wide range of people, from family to couple, friends and so on.
    • Inawashiro Ski Resort

      It is a long-established presence with long history and tradition in the Bandai Plateau area.It is 8 km from Iwaki Castle Bandai Takahara IC and transportation is wider than other ski resorts and has a vast area.