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Yumetsumugi-no-Yado, Tsukino Nagisa


Aichi prefecture Tahara city Irago Lake cho Koyama 2814 - 35

Telephone number



Tomei Expressway Toyokawa I ..C. about 90 minutes from C.

Pick-up presence (condition)
We will pick you up from the hotel to Cape Irago (bus stop, ferry depot).
  • Access Map

  • When using a car

    【Customers coming from Tokyo】
    Tomei Expressway, go down at Hamamatsu IC, Route Route No.1 → Route Route Route 42 is convenient.

    【Customers coming from Osaka】
    If you come from the Kinki area, you can park your car at Toba station and come to Cape Irago with Ise Bay Ferry.

  • When using public transportation

    【Customers coming from Tokyo】
    Get off at Hamamatsu station and route via Route 42 with rental car is convenient.On the way, you can enjoy the scenery blessed with the nature of the Atsumi Peninsula.

    【Customers coming from Osaka】
    From Nagoya station get off at Kawasato station by Meitetsu, route to Cape Irago Meitetsu Express Line is convenient.
    In addition, if you come from the Kinki area, it is convenient to use the Ise Bay ferry from Toba station.
  • For rental cars

    Toyohashi Station is convenient to come to Toyohashi Station or Hamamatsu Station by car rental car to Cape Irago.On the way, I can travel around the Atsumi Peninsula.