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A dish

  • Dinner

    Tsukino Nagisa cuisine of Tsukino Nagisa cherishes the original taste of the ingredients, and we keep in mind that it is "your" body-friendly "dish".

    Individual-room wind dining sound In the scenery, for both breakfast and dinner, please enjoy relaxing.

    Warm things are warm, cold things are cold, we will offer you as delicious as possible.
  • Breakfast

    Passion for breakfast

    Rice cooked in a pot is cooked carefully one by one according to the breakfast time of each guest.

    We serve a warm afternoon cuisine for your awakening.
  • Private Room Wind Dining "Soundscape"

    You can eat meals here.

    Enjoy a relaxing time while watching the ocean with a comfortable private-room wind dining with a smell of wood.
    Please spend it.